Bri Teresi Crushes Golf Balls, Veronica Bielik’s Latest Bikini Vacation & There Was A Fan Fight At The Hall Of Fame Game

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Here we go. For those of you who missed Joe’s announcement on Friday, he is off on a well-deserved vacation. As he said, he hasn’t been fired or replaced. And there aren’t any plans to do so.

So, I’ll be covering for Joe all week as he logs off and goes dark for the next nine days.

Feel free to reach out to me with anything that can’t wait until Joe gets back or if you just want to drop an email in the inbox go right ahead at

We’re going to navigate the week as best we can. We’re going to keep the lights on and the seat warm for Joe while he recharges the batteries for football season.

Here’s what I can guarantee over the next few days, great content and keeping things weird. There’s also the possibility of a wildly off base take or two thrown in there. I’ve been known to toss those out every once in a while.

With that, let’s get this week started.

Football is back

As you know football made its return on Thursday night with the Hall of Fame Game. Yes it’s the preseason and yes the stars watched from the sidelines in street clothes.

But we had pads and helmets on and players taking the field for the first time. With the baseball season all but dead – no I don’t want to talk about it – this was a welcomed sight.

Next week we get a full schedule of preseason action starting with two games on Thursday night then games Friday through Sunday. If that doesn’t have the blood flowing then nothing will.

I can’t wait.

Here’s another sign that football is back, there was a fan fight between Browns and Jets fans in the stands at the Hall of Fame Game over a beach ball.

Now there weren’t a ton of punches exchanged, it’s preseason for the fans too, but there was plenty of pushing and shoving with several fans involved. Not to mention a couple of police escorts out of the stadium.

The best part is we haven’t even gotten started. This is just a warm-up for things to come. Wait until College Football and the NFL’s regular season gets going.

There’s going to be a seemingly never-ending stream of fan content. It’s going to be incredible, it always is.

Speaking of College Football, they’ve been having their own off the field fun over the last few days resulting in the slow death of the Pac-12.

Here’s a friendly reminder to look in your toilet before using it

A pregnant woman learned this valuable lesson after peeing on a snake.

She apparently used the bathroom with the lights off only to turn them on and find a yellow rat snake just hanging out in her toilet.

The non-venomous snake didn’t attack her (getting peed on must be its thing), but it did cause her to freak out once she discovered it.

Rightfully so.

No thanks. This is the kind of thing that would cause a person to never trust a toilet ever again.

I honestly don’t know how you would ever sit down comfortably to do your business after that.

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