Brewery Releases Sour & Salty ‘Joke’ Beer Dedicated To Tom Brady & Gronk

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The key to selling beer these days is to never let a good marketing opportunity slip by and Smug Brewing in Rhode Island sure isn’t letting Gronk and Tom Brady going to Tampa Bay slide by without creating a beer marketing campaign. Say hello to Traitorade, a key lime sour with sea salt. “This beer reminds me of getting old and having to retire in Florida,” Smug Brewing wrote on Instagram.

“We came up with this beer a year ago, then we decided to retire it. We said we were going to come back to it, but we never did. Now we decided to release it. We developed a beer with the right amount of sour, and a little bit of saltiness. We blended all that together with the best Florida key limes we could find.”

Traitorade is 7% ABV. I’m not a beer or retirement expert, but something tells me you sip this while sitting outside your trailer in Clearwater while trying to figure out what you’re going to cook for dinner. Two of these bad boys and you’re retirement rocked for the day. Or so I would think.

Remember, it’s a joke beer. People in New England aren’t mad at Tom. This is just what it takes to differentiate yourself in the beer market. Don’t get triggered over this beer name. Smug clearly says it’s a “joke.”

Meanwhile, Tom Brady has been holding secret workouts that included Gronk and a Tampa TV station’s helicopter was there to film enough of it to use on the 6 o’clock news. Deion Sanders’ son was also a participant at the Berkeley Prep workouts. This is a nice change of pace for Brady who was kicked out of a Tampa park back during coronavirus for working out while the park was closed. It appears he’s starting to hit his stride and will be ready to go when training camp opens.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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