Brewers OF Misjudges a Hit — And Pays Dearly for It

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Milwaukee Brewers CF Lorenzo Cain remembers the fundamentals of defensive baseball. Always keep the ball in front of you. If need be, sacrifice the body to get the stop.

Well, he sacrificed the body all right. With two out and one on in the bottom of the fourth, he misplayed a base hit and took a one-hopper straight to the family jewels.

And OutKick’s own Trey Wallace wanted to be sure we all saw it. Take a look and try not to wince:


“It hurts even just looking at it,” one broadcaster says.

“It hurts all the way up here,” the other agrees.

Even the hometown crowd in New York gasps in horror.

After the unfortunate bounce, Cain took a couple of moments to collect himself before tossing the ball back to the infield to keep the baserunners honest. He did his job. No one scored in the bottom half of that inning, though the Mets ultimately prevailed 5-4.

With the win, the Mets remain atop the National League at 42-23. Meanwhile, the Brewers hold their own at 35-30, good for second in the NL Central division. Cain held his own as well. He stayed in the game until a pinch hitter stepped in for him in the top of the ninth.

We wish Cain, his wife, their three boys, and any future children all the best.

Written by Cortney Weil

Cortney Weil has a PhD in Shakespearean drama but now spends her days reading and writing about her first passion: sports. She loves God, her husband, and all things Michigan State.

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