Brett Favre Still In $828K Battle With State of Mississippi

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Brett Favre spent a couple of decades running around, doing his best to avoid defensive linemen. Now, he’s using those same skills to avoid Mississippi’s state auditor, but without much success. According to the auditor, Favre and his company, Favre Enterprises owe the state $828,000 in misspent welfare funds.

Shad White, Mississippi’s state auditor, said on Tuesday that a letter was sent to Favre demanding the Hall of Famer pay the state $828,000. The issue stems from speaking engagements that Favre was hired for, yet never completed. In particular, he was paid $1.1 million to speak in front of the Families First for Mississippi foundation, but never did so. Favre was paid for the engagement through the state’s welfare funds, though he’s previously claimed he was unaware of the error.

Per a Mississippi Today report, Favre paid $500,000 back to the state a short time after the allegations of the misspent funds surfaced. Since then, Favre has failed to repay the remaining debt. Now, the state is asking him to pay back the remaining $600,000 plus $228,000 in interest.

The state auditor’s demand letter to Favre says, in part: “These illegal expenditures and unlawful dispositions were made when you knew or had reason to know through the exercise of reasonable diligence that the expenditures were illegal and/or the dispositions were unlawful.”

White’s demand letter stated that Favre is yet to be criminally charged, but a failure to repay the money within 30 days will result in a civil lawsuit for both the former quarterback and Favre Enterprises.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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