Brent Venables Takes Completely Unprompted Shot At Deion Sanders

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Oklahoma coach Brent Venables woke up and decided criticizing Deion Sanders was a great idea.

Venables is entering year two as the head coach of the Sooners, and is hoping to rebound from his awful 6-7 first season with the program.

Apparently, improving in year two means taking shots at Deion Sanders for heavily using the transfer portal and turning over his roster right from the jump at Colorado. More than 70 players had left the program or given up football by the start of May as Sanders attempted to tear down Colorado to its studs and rebuild, according to CBS Sports.

Brent Venables takes unprompted shot at Deion Sanders. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Brent Venables rips Deion Sanders.

For some reason that’s not clear, Brent Venables decided to weigh in on a program in a totally different conference and criticize Sanders’ roster management style.

“I gave guys 12 months of grace. I was unlike Deion. I gave guys 12 months of grace to figure it out. Here’s three: Go to class, live right off the field, and when you show up here you show up with respect and appreciation with your opportunity. And if you go 0-for-3 for 12 months, you need a fresh start, so we helped 21 guys, give or take, find a fresh start,” Venables said during an interview KREF 94.7 FM during Big 12 Media Days, according to CBS Sports.

Brent Venables criticizes Deion Sanders’ use of the transfer portal. (Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images)

Why were these comments necessary from Venables?

There’s an saying in sports that seems appropriate for this moment:

“You coach your kids and I’ll coach mine.”

The concept is simple. Worry about what’s under your own roof and not the roof of a different coach and program.

Brent Venables went 6-7 in year one at Oklahoma. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

Brent Venables went 6-7 in 2022 at Oklahoma. The Sooners were awful. It was the school’s worst season since 1998.

Bill Clinton was President the last time Oklahoma had such a terrible season. You’d think Brent Venables would have plenty to keep him busy. Clearly, whatever he was doing wasn’t working.

Instead, the Oklahoma Sooners head coach decided discussing a first-year PAC-12 head coach was necessary. Why? How did these comments help Oklahoma? Furthermore, the team was trash with his give them “grace” strategy. Is he really sure it was a good idea? Is Brent Venables really sure about that?

Brent Venables could be on the hot seat at Oklahoma. (Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images)

Brent Venables seat will be scorching hot if the Sooners have another bad year. He should spent more time focused on that and a hell of a lot less focused on Deion Sanders.

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