Breast Milk Nets UK Woman More Than $13K

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It was the breast of times, it was the wor…

Actually, no. It was just the breast of times for a UK woman who netted five figures in exchange for a couple pints from her personal boob buffet.

Mila De’brito, a mother of one, scored more than $13K by selling her breastmilk to a very specific clientele. Rather than pump and dump, De’brito bags up her all-natural form of dairy and sells it to body builders.

De’brito boasted about her straight-from-the-tap swim up bar on TikTok, the one platform most accustomed to showing off milk monsters.

“Are you the girl that just made £10,000 selling breast milk to bodybuilders,” De’brito captioned.



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As Aloe Blacc’s “The Man” plays over video, the smiling Brit holds up a pouch of the double-D delicacy, nodding her head in confirmation and lip-synching Blacc’s chorus, “Yes I am, yes I am, yes I am.”

Ms. De’brito hash tagged her post #liquidgold — $13,522 worth of gold, to be exact.

But why are bodybuilders paying a premium for the same liquid that fuels colicky babies anxious for a slurp upon mammary mountain? According to Brett Schoenfeld, a former competitive body builder who is now an assistant college professor, there’s no good reason.

“Bodybuilders are a strange breed of individuals,” Schoenfeld told ABC News. “Even if this type of thing is completely unsupported by research, they’re prone to gym lore and willing to give it a shot if there is any potential effect.”

In other words, those muscle-bound guys at the local gym paying a premium price for mama’s jiggle juice are actually the biggest boobs of this story.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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