OnlyFans Star Shares Crazy Story About Being With Multiple NFL Players

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Some NFL players are apparently pretty enamored with OnlyFans star Breanna Akili.

Pro athletes hooking up and spending time with women involved with adult entertainment is hardly new, but for Akili, she apparently has more ties than your average entertainer.

She appeared on the “We in Miami Podcast,” and was asked if she’d “ever done anything freaky” with a celebrity, and the OnlyFans sensation made it clear NFL players love her.

Breanna Akili makes some bold claims about hooking up with NFL players.

“An NFL player, like four of them in one week. I mean, I wanted to have fun,” Akili claimed during an appearance on the “We in Miami Podcast.”

She further added, “I got flown out by four NFL players back-to-back and within one week. I was busy as f*ck that week and I made a bag.”

When asked who the players were, she declined to say but said three of them played on the Chiefs and another was on the Steelers.

I’m sure this is exactly the kind of attention Roger Goodell wants swirling around his league right now. I have no doubt he was smiling hearing these comments.

There’s no better press than an OnlyFans star claiming multiple players on the same team cut her checks for activities that we all know likely weren’t PG-rated.

The question now is who were the three players on the Chiefs. If you’re going to make the claim, you might as well name them.

Otherwise, we’re going to need an investigative podcast to get to the bottom of this. What three players on the Chiefs all paid the same woman?

We need answers and we need them right now.

OnlyFans star claims multiple members of the Chiefs paid her. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Who would have guessed the Chiefs had so many freaks on the roster? The NFL is a crazy place, and Akili’s story makes that crystal clear.

Written by David Hookstead

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