Brandon Marshall’s Out With His Latest Dumb Take & He’s Screaming Mad

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At what point does someone tell Brandon Marshall that doing the debate show thing, the video podcast thing and the talking about sports in general thing is probably not good for his health? It’s time to have that conversation after the 13-year NFL vet’s latest lunacy via the ‘I Am Athlete’ podcast thing he’s doing with Chad Johnson and Channing Crowder.

Through all the screaming, it appears Marshall thinks that there are four players on NBA rosters with guaranteed contracts and the rest of the guys can be “cut today,” according to a guy who’s standing up to make his point and getting louder by the second.

Let’s go to the footage:

The last time Marshall stopped by to rail about something it was how the Jets shouldn’t draft Zach Wilson because he wouldn’t be capable of handling the New York media like Justin Fields because Wilson played at BYU and the media doesn’t care about BYU. Never mind the fact that Fields had to navigate the waters of a Columbus media that adores the Buckeyes and was isolated from national media by a smart media relations department at Ohio State.

Anyway, back to Marshall’s latest dumb take. On February 12, Luke Adams from wrote about a February 27 deadline that might be what Marshall’s lunatic brain was focused on.

“An important deadline is fast approaching for 30 players around the NBA whose salaries are non-guaranteed, as we’re just over two weeks away from all of those deals becoming guaranteed for the rest of the season,” Adams wrote.

“While February 27 is technically this season’s guarantee date, a player must clear waivers before that date if his club wants to avoid paying his full guarantee. That means February 24 is the final day that teams can waive a player whose salary for 2020/21 is non-guaranteed without that player’s cap hit becoming locked in for the rest of the season.”

That’s right, Brandon Marshall is screaming mad and talking about 30 players scattered around the NBA with non-guaranteed salaries that became guaranteed salaries on February 27. 30 PLAYERS!

What does this all mean? You should run as fast as possible from any content that includes Brandon Marshall. Save yourself. Save your own brain. Save your sanity. And yet media companies will keep trotting him out there because he’ll say something dumb, it’ll trend and that equals money, but the sad reality is that this guy isn’t all there and could clearly use some time gardening or birding to calm down his brain.

Let’s take a look at the Lakers roster and guaranteed money. Marshall couldn’t name any of those guys who are working on two-way G-League contracts. Looks like a bunch of guaranteed money to me. Now, do the back of the bench guys make a ton of money compared to MLB middle relievers? Nope.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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  1. The dude has BPD…when it comes to debate shows that’s media crack for wild opinions and consperiacy theories.

    Of course that also means he’ll probably have some epic Paul Pierce flameout and I’ll be watching OK to see when that happens.

  2. He has BPD and has been open about it before it was considered socially acceptable, to his credit. But I think he should consider a different job. He ruins that talking head show on FoxSports. His opinions are always loud, and often non-sensical. It might be healthier for him to try something else.

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