Brad Pitt’s New Girlfriend Nicole Poturalski Is Reportedly Married & In Open Relationship With Husband

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Guys, I normally wouldn’t post anything about Brad Pitt’s new girlfriend, but when that girlfriend, Nicole Poturalski, 27, reportedly is married and in an open relationship with her 68-year-old husband, I have no choice but to post this news. As the gossip guy around here, this convergence of circumstances doesn’t come along very often, so I have to strike while the iron is hot.

The Daily Mail reports Pitt was spotted last week with Poturalski at a French airport and the gossip world has been on full alert ever since. Eventually, news came out over the weekend that Nicole is married and in this open relationship with Roland Mary, a restauranteur.

Mr. Mary “is said to be ‘philosophical’ about his wife’s close relationship with the American big-screen legend,” the Mail reports, adding Roland “has told friends and family that the situation is ‘normal'”.

It turns out Pitt has known Mary since 2009 when he visited one of his restaurants while filming Inglorious Bastards and now the rest is history. Pitt seems to enjoy the guy’s wife and the restaurant guy probably figures it’s good for business so everyone just goes on with their lives.

Restaurant Guy probably has his pick from a few hundred 27-year-olds who enjoy nice meals, European living and they could see Roland as a path towards a relationship with an A-lister. This all makes perfect sense and there’s a good chance Pitt will get bored with Nicole in the next eight months and send her back to his restaurant buddy. This is just how these famous people roll, I guess.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. It feels like Brad could ‘PAY’ for better.

    Butt if you saw his last movie 🎥 ‘Ad Astra’ yah might think 🤔 maybe he can’t. He has lost his MOJO and we saw what that did to Austin Powers!

    Ad Astra is unwatchable and I’ve tried catching it at different points. It’s not authentic For space travel or time travel or Moon Races either.

    Angelina really ruined that guy.

  2. I’ve written him off, even the ww2 tank movie he made sucked. He just plays the same douchy, ego maniac character in every movie now. Fuck that guy.

    • All he’s doing with a married woman is showing what a douchebag he is.
      Of course, he can have almost anyone…but your friend the restauranteur…
      C’MON Brad…C’MON MAN !!!

    • Different strokes for different folks, no bad taste implied fellas. I have a hard time with any movie that Michael Pena is in, seems like the most overrated actor alive, and is always a whiner. Pitt drove me nuts in that movie, what was up with the having dinner with those French people? Just seemed idiotic, and his chance to do his token Brad Pitt strange narcissistic scene that he does in all his movies.

      But if you guys fancy war flicks (who doesn’t), I highly recommend 1917 which I just watched last weekend, and The Outpost is brilliant as well. The latter stars Clint Eastwood and Mel Gibson’s Sons. Kind of cool to see the baton being passed.

  3. Since these famous people’s marriages are mostly shams anyway, I can see how they are willing to openly cheat on each other. This is still a disaster.
    You know what’s not a disaster? Fight Club, Once Upon A time in Hollywood. Inglorious Basterds, Seven, Moneyball, Oceans’ 11, Snatch, Seven Years in Tibet, etc.

    • I definitely liked Pitt better early in his career, I think fame and Hollywood has rotted his soul. Kalifornia was probably his best performance. A River Runs Through it was tremendous, and he more than did his part. I’m not a fan of any of those movies you mention personally, but I do respect them and know they were plenty popular and successful.

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