Wild Fan Brawl Breaks Out At Paul-Woodley Fight

Come at me, bro...bro....brooooo...do it, broooo...try me, brooo...I have the higher ground, bruh...bruh...you won't do it, brooooo...sit down, pussy...brooo, what's your problem, bro...f--k you!! 

BOOOOM! And it was officially GO TIME BRO at Quicken Loans Arena (the OutKick editorial team wants me to call it the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse, but I'm old school, so it'll always be the Q or the Gund) where some Bieber lookalike ate a right while maintaining higher ground.

This is one of the biggest no-nos in fan fighting history, especially at a celebrity boxing PPV match on a Sunday night in Cleveland, Ohio. You NEVER eat a right when maintaining higher ground. That just goes to show how Bieber 3.0 doesn't understand the fan fight game. If you're going to lay your chin forward like that, don't be shocked when the chin gets tested.

This takes me back to my high school years in Dayton, Ohio when I would go to the Toughman Contest boxing event at the legendary Hara Arena (RIP, it was a helluva run) where roofers fought plumbers and ex-cons fought firemen. The fighters would bring huge groups of friends and family with them to Hara and that led to absolute chaos in the stands. There would be more fights in the stands than in the ring. People would smash chairs over each other on the floor, but my dad taught me at an early age to sit up high so you had a panoramic view of the madness.

That's the first thing that went through my head with Sunday night's fan fight action in Cleveland. It was pure Hara Arena. It was a couple of YouTube wannabes having what they thought was going to be a verbal war with a couple of guys who were there to show off their boxing skills.

Advantage, the guys with boxing skills.

Now, the first punch while Bieber 3.0 stuck his chin out there was aggressive, but boxing guy was giving up higher ground to Biebs and he wasn't taking any chances. And then Biebs' buddy Phish comes in to defend the higher ground only to get pummeled.

The nerd blue checkmarks will rush in after watching this video to say how out of control society is and how this is not how society has acted in the past.

Uh, I'd like to take you back to those days in Hara Arena when bikers were smashing each other and electricians were fighting heavy equipment operators. Last night was just another moment in a long line of those fights. The difference now is that there's a camera capable of recording the action.


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