Who Is Asking For This? Lamar Odom To Fight Riddick Bowe

Additional rounds of random celebrity boxing are on the way. The next fight will pit retired NBA forward Lamar Odom and former boxing champ Riddick Bowe in the truest battle of the heavyweights made possible by the ongoing trend in social media-inspired fights.

Odom, 41, is fresh off winning his last bout against arbitrary celebrity Aaron Carter, and will now be prepping himself to take on the soon-to-be-54 Riddick Bowe. Having utilized boxing to rehab his mind and body out of past issues with drug and substance abuse, Odom hopes to pipe down the critics that doubt his dedication to the sport.

Bowe will immediately step in a fiercer competitor than the waifish Aaron Carter. The retired boxed is remembered for having won the heavyweight title back in 1992 against Evander Holyfield, via unanimous decision. His final boxing match came against Gene Pukall in 2008, a victorious effort that propelled his overall record to 43-1 before retiring. Listed at 271 lbs and staying technically active with combat sports, Riddick Bowe's history as a pounding pugilist will inspire Odom to play defense better than the blatant face target he presented Carter during their match.

According to TMZ Sports, the event is being organized by Damon Feldman as part of a series of Celebrity Boxing matches that have garnered intrigue based on their eccentric matchups. The fight is scheduled to take place in Miami, Florida on October 2.

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