Neighbors Get Into A Brawl That Puts Paul-Woodley PPV To Shame

Well, well, well...what do we have here, mates?!? It appears we have an old-fashioned duplex or quadplex neighbor-on-neighbor fight for the ages where the wife of the guy in the black shirt narrates the whole thing while a dog makes a quick appearance while the wife freaks out during a call with police dispatchers.

Here's what I have determined from watching the videos:

• The woman narrating says red shirt's family is away and that he's high on something

• She also adds that red shirt had COVID and was continuing to go to work

• Red shirt mentions something about "f--king with my family," which could be a reference to black shirt ratting out red shirt to the COVID police

• Red shirt starts talking about something on the gate, shitting on the gate or something like that


And it's go time for one of the greatest neighbor-on-neighbor fights of 2021. We see some incredible ground game from black shirt along with some impressive headbutts while they're in the clinch.

Then it's time for red shirt to eat some massive rights that send him to another universe, but he wants more! Red shirt wakes up from his nap and fires up round two, but it was a horrible idea. Black shirt -- sounds like she's calling him Antoneeeee -- pins red shirt against the hedges and unloads rights that sound like someone at a grocery store smacking a watermelon to see if it's ripe.

But these are fists rearranging red shirt's face.

And that's that. Red shirt goes back into his dressing room to figure out how much damage he's suffered. That's a wrap!

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