Mayweather Sues Logan Paul for $120 Million Ahead of Fight

Mayweather is saying goodbye to Dubai with a $100+ million lawsuit against upcoming opponent and online personality, Logan Paul.

The lawsuit obtained by TMZ Sports details that Mayweather’s group—Mayweather Promotions—is suing Paul for a grand total of $120 million after initial discussions of the fight slated the event to take place in Dubai.

The fight will now take place at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida scheduled for June 6.

TMZ further reports that the lawsuit is predicated on misleading details of the fight delivered in the initial pitch to Mayweather Promotions by PAC Entertainment Worldwide, proposing an estimated payday of $100 million from the fight. After failing to deliver the fight’s first payment for $30 million, Mayweather and his team quickly pivoted to take legal action.

In a match that should lead to no surprise as to who the superior boxer is, should the sport avoid reverting to the classic days of rigged matches, it appears that Mayweather is already winning the fight away from the canvas after reports surfaced that Logan Paul hired a full-time security unit to follow him and his brother, Jake Paul, after "death" threats were delivered by Mayweather.

The younger Paul brother was involved in a brief altercation with Mayweather and his security unit after taunting the 44-year-old, grabbing his hat, and attempting to run off before getting tackled.

The new era of TikTok-YouTube personalities taking their beef from the comments section to the canvas has been amusing, but seeing the loudmouthed Paul tandem get the crap scared out of them may be the perfect recipe to anticipating the beat-down that Mayweather should impose on Logan.

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