Jose Canseco Wants To Fight Logan Paul, Who Just Split With Josie Canseco

Never one to turn down the chance to create a headline, Jose Canseco is back at it this week, issuing a boxing challenge to YouTuber/internet personality Logan Paul, who split from Josie Canseco over the Thanksgiving break. Josie is Jose's 24-year-old daughter with second ex-wife Jessica Canseco, whom he met while she was training to be a Hooters waitress in Cleveland.

That's right, Jose wants to fight his daughter's ex-boyfriend. There are dozens of fathers out there who would love to do the same to the punks out there who used to date their daughters.

The former Bash Brother challenged Logan Paul Monday night, just a couple days after Logan's brother, Jake, put Nate Robinson to sleep on the Roy Jones Jr.-Mike Tyson undercard. Now Jose wants a piece of Josie's 25-year-old ex.

"No problem. I love smashing Cansecos," Logan Paul responded to Jose's challenge.

Jose has been in the ring before. You might remember his 2009 MMA debut, where he was knocked out in 77 seconds by 7-foot-2, 330-pound South Korean super heavyweight Hong Man Choi. Choi knocked Canseco down and then rained down fists on him before the ref stopped the bout.

"Okay since you like smashing Canseco Logan get ahold of my agent Mike Maguire let's get this done," 56-year-old Jose tweeted Monday night. "Logan Paul our fight will be definitely way more entertaining than the Tyson fight cuz at least we know one of us is going to get knocked out."

"And by the way no headgear needed for this fight I have a hard head."

There it is. Celebrity fights coming together just like that.

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