Holly Sonders In Lockdown Mode: No Banging Before Oscar De La Hoya's Fight

OutKick Golf Editor Holly Sonders -- she's been busy dating Oscar De La Hoya, so I'm not sure when her next post will go live -- said this week that the couple has gone into 'no-sex mode' now that we're so close to Oscar lacing up the gloves for a fight with MMA legend Vitor Belfort on September 11 at the Staples Center.

"We are very disciplined, I will say that," Sonders told TMZ. "More than anybody probably ever thought we could be."

It appears that sex isn't the only extracurricular that has been cut off as Oscar engaged the bunker mentality. Holly is going clean as well. "I decided weeks and weeks ago I wouldn't be drinking, I wouldn't be partying, I'm right there with him."

It's probably for the best that Oscar, 48, and Holly have given up sex. The guy hasn't fought since 2008 and is scheduled to fight Belfort for eight, two-minute rounds. This isn't some sort of exhibition match. This is a sanctioned fight that will count against Oscar's 39-6 (30 KOs) career record.

Belfort, who hasn't been in a boxing match since 2006, last fought in mixed martial arts back in 2018 when he was knocked out by Lyoto Machida.

While it's tradition for fighters to abstain from banging their significant others before battle, a 2016 study found that there's no data to prove that sex compromises athletes. "Abstaining from sexual activity before athletic competition is a controversial topic in the world of sport," researcher Laura Stefani said in a report. "We show no robust scientific evidence to indicate that sexual activity has a negative effect upon athletic results."

Even so, Holly and Oscar aren't taking chances.


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