Did Mayweather Actually KO Paul? This Boxing Fan Makes Strong Case

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul went the distance Sunday night in a matchup that had both fighters walking away with a bag full of cash. Now boxing fans are debating whether or not Paul was accidentally knocked out by Mayweather and Floyd was just holding him up.

Judge for yourself:

I would say, worst case, Logan Paul was headed for the mat. If anything, you can argue there's no way Paul was standing on his own after that right hand to the ear. Mayweather grabbed him like a father teaching his son to swim. Not a clean knockout because you wouldn't wake up that fast, but still a likely knockdown.

And regardless of how you feel about Floyd Mayweather, there's no way Logan Paul would survive this fight without a little help from the competition. That's largely why both fighters agreed there would no judges or winners at the conclusion of this fight. A millennial's dream.

In the end, both men got what they wanted. Mayweather agreed to a winner-less bout to solidify his 50-0 career record and to make a pile of money. Logan Paul gave up a portion of his cut to pay for a complete fight. Now even after that embarrassing Tasmanian devil-like performance, Logan Paul can walk into negotiations and set up new celebrity fights. Why do we keep buying these?