Dana White Threatens to Sic Amanda Nunes on Jake Paul. She Says She's In.

Dana White and YouTube star Jake Paul, fresh off knocking out former NBA player Nate Robinson, have been going back and forth this week as Paul has called out Conor McGregor for his next fight. Over the weekend, White said there was zero chance McGregor would go through the charade of fighting Paul. Paul responded by calling McGregor's fiancee "a 4" and saying that White gets "no pussy." White responded by saying he was thinking of letting UFC women's bantamweight and featherweight champ Amanda Nunes "knock his ass out."

On Instagram, Nunes says she is "in" for the fight:

Nunes' career winnings are reportedly about $3 million, so it's understandable that she would be up for the payday. Paul outweighs Nunes by 50 pounds. While Nunes is among the best pound-for-pound fighters of either sex in the world, boxing would be a new challenge for her.

All in all, this whole thing makes me feel icky, but I know myself well enough to know that I'd probably order the PPV. I suppose that's the whole point. Wonder if this happens?


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