Canelo Fight Breaks Boxing Attendance Record

Last night's fight between Canelo Alvarez and Billy Joe Saunders had over 73,000 in attendance, an indoor boxing event record. Staggering to watch as it's also the biggest indoor crowd in the United States in over a year.

Texas Twitter, of course, pounded its chest and basically taunted that "COVID doesn't exist in Texas." Is it possible that most of us aren't afraid of COVID, but too many of our leaders want us to be? Hopefully New York's Governor Cuomo is watching.

That's just the thing. Residents of Texas and many other states just aren't petrified the way Dr. Fauci wants them to be. You can see in this video that fans are standing almost right on top of each other with no fear whatsoever.

There's more American flags waving than masks in that video, and that's the way life should be this past year.

Canelo went on to defeat Saunders by TKO, but the talk of the night was the finish. It was a relatively close fight for a few rounds, but Saunders eventually succumbed to Alvarez's head movement (talent, if we're being honest) and fell short. It got to the point where Saunders couldn't get off his stool, and the fight was called. Isn't it refreshing to talk about sports controversy again, rather than health and safety protocols?

Good riddance to COVID nonsense and congratulations to Dallas, Texas on an epic hosting job. Now it's your turn, Atlanta.