'Blonde Bomber' Boxer Ebanie Bridges Had Her Eye Lit Up This Weekend

Australian boxer Ebanie Bridges, who wore lingerie to last week's weigh-in before the fight against British fighter Shannon Courtenay, is now the boxer who first wore lingerie & then wore a massive swollen eye after her 10-round loss.

The judges saw it as a unanimous decision for Courtenay, while Bridges (5-1-0) told media outlets she willed herself to the finish line. “I couldn’t see for the last three rounds,” Bridges said after the fight. “But I was like, ‘Please don’t ask me if I can see, because I’m not f—ing quitting. I don’t quit.’"

Ebanie even fired up Instagram and thanked Courtenay for the fight and what the two boxers went through.

"I always have huge respect for anyone I share the ring with it’s the hardest sport in the world, and what we put ourselves thru to be great only from one fighter to another can really understand. Great fight loved every minute of it.. thanks Shannyyyy," the Aussie fighter wrote.

And with that, Ebanie Bridges, 34, most likely just made herself a bunch of money, whether in boxing or bare-knuckled fighting. So how about a fight with Paige Van Zant? The 'Blonde Bomber' clearly knows how to sell a fight, is willing to have her eye turned into a blood balloon and won't stop taking punishment. Add in the fact that Bridges has a solid social media base, and it shouldn't be long before she's on some sort of American PPV card.

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