Ageless NFL Player Frank Gore Eyes Boxing Opportunity

Lost amid rookie Zach Wilson’s disastrous home debut was a Jets running game that, for a second consecutive week, appeared as dangerous as a 7-year-old black belt. New York’s anemic running game has shown little fight through the league’s first two weeks, and last season’s leading rusher, free agent Frank Gore, seems unlikely to save the day. After spending years getting tackled, the 38-year-old’s ready to hit back – as a professional boxer.

Gore, who has the third-most rushing yards in NFL history, has had multiple (unnamed) teams reach out to see whether he'd be interested in toting the rock for a 17th season, but instead he has decided to focus on boxing, a sport he's used as an offseason training method for much of his career.

"I've been training for both, football and boxing," Gore told Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. "I've always loved boxing, so that's what I've been doing. And we're trying to make a fight happen. If we do that, you'll see me in the ring."

Last season in New York, Gore rushed for 653 yards and two touchdowns. After two weeks, the Jets' leading rusher has 65 yards and the team is yet to rush for a score. During that time, Gore's been away from the field and inside the ring.

"I just fell in love with how hard it is. I felt like, 'Man, I couldn't fight.' And I always like a challenge," said Gore. "So I kept doing it and doing it and I saw myself getting better and better."

Gore spent his NFL career quieting the doubters, to the tune of 16,000 career rushing yards, and he knows that skeptics are likely to question his skills inside the squared circle:

"You'll see when I get in the ring."

Gore at least has a puncher's chance. That's more than you can say for the current Jets backfield.

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