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The great news is that you can still hear Dan Dakich right here on OutKick

It’s been quite a week for our morning drive live show host Dan Dakich who is no longer doing his mid-day radio show in Indianapolis. Lib lib woke Indianapolis Star columnist Gregg Doyel, who has been on his knees praying for Dakich’s demise for years, got his wish this week and couldn’t wait to scream it from the rooftops that Dan was FIRED.

And Doyel did scream it from the rooftops only to have his newspaper issue a correction that Dakich is leaving the radio station and reasons weren’t specified. Still, Doyel is screaming FIRED, FIRED, FIRED because it’s what he wants to believe and it makes him sleep better at night.

Let’s cut through the nonsense Doyel and his fellow nerds are playing here. In June, the station where Dakich’s show originated from was part of a transaction between Emmis Communications and Urban One Radio, which says its focus is on “lyrical Hip Hop and rhythmic R&B to soul-stirring Gospel, provocative Talk/News and even Sports, Radio One is where urban listeners turn for entertainment, inspiration and information.”

Is it possible Urban One Radio wanted to go in a different direction with its shows? OMG, imagine that. That’s wild that a business buys a business and then starts to reformat that business to match up with its advertisers and the listeners it’s targeting. Boy, that’s wild, Gregg.

Here’s the great news for those of you who want to hear Dakich in the morning — he’s right here on OutKick, daily from 9 to 11 ET. He’s going to infuriate some of you. Some of you are going to agree with him on topics. Some of you will want to choke him out.

The beauty of OutKick is that it gives hosts like Dan a place to speak freely and there’s not a damn thing miserable lib lib Gregg Doyel can do about it.

Now this is a Harry Caray story I want you to read…this might also be a Screencaps award-winning story of 2022

• Brandon C. in Pinckney MI gets to go through life with this Harry Caray experience that I know thousands of men reading this wish they had on their life resume.

Brandon writes:

OK, so your Harry Caray Cub Fan – Bud Man entry brought back a ton of memories for me that just have to share with the screencaps community…

My pops (RIP) was a Detroiter who went to Chicago for med school back in the late 60s / early 70s, so because of that and his roommates, he became a closet Cub fan, and raised me the same. So growing up in the 80s, I was a Tigers fan first and foremost (Toronto Delenda Est), but I spent many summer days during family vacations to Chicago at Wrigley Field, and had WGN on most spring and summer afternoons after racing home from school to watch The Bull, Ryno, and Andre Dawson smash hits into the Ivy while Lee Smith would come in to mop up. Day baseball is glorious and we need more of it.

As a result of that and wanting to be a sports broadcaster (how could you not in a city with Ray Lane, Bud Lynch, Dave Strader, Mickey Redmond, BOB UFER, George and Al on Channel 4 with the growling Tiger logo, and Ernie Harwell with Paul Caray basically being the soundtrack to my summer youth on the flamethrower WJR 760 AM that we could receive from Oakland County to Alpena?), I remember being transfixed to Harry Caray and Steve Stone live from the Friendly Confines on WGN. I don’t know why, but that dude just mesmerized me.

Harry in his element. (VINCENT LAFORET/AFP via Getty Images)

In 8th grade, my dad ended up winning a charity auction for one of his doctor friends kids private schools. The prize was I got to fly with my dad from City Airport in Detroit to Chicago on MORT CRIM’S plane (Mort Crim was basically the Detroit version of Ron Burgandy, and if you hear him tell it, Will Ferrell based his character off of Crim’s autobiography) to go watch a Cubs game at Wrigley in a suite and then fly back that night. And Ernie Harwell was on the trip too. So I’m going to a Cubs game with the biggest news anchor in Detroit, my favorite sports announcer in the whole world, and we’re in a suite. Awesome already. Everything’s bonkers on the day of teh trip and then about 5th inning, Ernie leans over to me and tells me he heard I want to be a sports announcer, and would I like to meet Harry Caray? ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME? I’m already eating all-you-can-eat hot dogs at Wrigley with Ernie Harwell, but now I get to meet Harry Caray? YES!!!

So Ernie takes my dad and me to the Cubs announcer booth, he gets waived right on through because he’s Baseball Announcing Royalty, and we get to walk right into the Cubs announcing booth. Small booth right above home plate. Harry’s in there finishing up the inning and handing it over to Steve Stone for the ad reads. Underneath the table, I notice there were 2-3 cups of what looked like beer just sitting on the ground. I had just read Harry’s book “Holy Cow” that spring, so I knew all about his propensity for adult beverages. (I also heard a bunch of stories from my dad’s med school friends in Chicago over the years about giving Harry a ride home in the middle of the night in downtown Chicago as he’s walking down the street, but that’s another email entirely). 

Harry stands up and introduces himself to me, Ernie and him make small talk (you could tell they genuinely were friends and enjoyed seeing each other), Harry asks me a couple questions, he’s as awesome in conversation as I ever hoped he’d be and he gets Steve to hand him a sharpie. I get an autographed baseball from Harry Caray. We excuse ourselves, Harry sits back down, and I hear yelling from down below (the windows were open) “Hey Harry, stop spilling your beers on us, OK?” I then noticed that one of the cups on the ground had tipped over, and based on the way Harry started laughing and hitting Steve in the arm and Steve’s look of disgust, I realized those weren’t cups of beer on the floor. At least, they weren’t beer AT THE PRESENT TIME.  

(Photo by Focus on Sport via Getty Images)

We end up finishing the game, flying back home in MORT CRIM’S AIRPLANE, and me being the happiest kid that ever existed in the history of America. Possibly Western Civilization. Fast forward to Christmas break that year, I get a package in the mail from a local Detroit address I don’t recognize but it’s addressed to me. I open it up and there are three items in there: an autographed copy of Harry’s book (with a personalization- “Hey Brandon, great to meet you, and remember if you get on a microphone, don’t slur your speech. Regards- Harry”), a photo of me with my dad, Mort Crim and Ernie Harwell by the plane, and a handwritten letter from Ernie Harwell thanking me for a wonderful trip this summer. I write him back and our family ends up sending him and Harry Caray Christmas Cards for the next number of years. 

Fast forward to my later college years. My roommates and I at Univ of Michigan plan our spring semester around being home in time to watch Cubs day games on WGN while drinking Old Styles on our balcony. We end up deciding to go to Chicago for a weekend for drinking and fun and a Cubs game. We go to Wrigley, I recount for my buddies my trip to Wrigley earlier in my life, and of course they don’t believe it. I decide to go for broke.

I get them to come with me and walk over to the walkway to the WGN booth and hand a note to the security guard for Harry. My buddy’s are all giving me shit. Within 2 minutes of the note being passed to the broadcast booth, Harry Caray comes shuffling out, yells at me hello, and then goes back in the booth. But he gives the guard a note to pass back to us. The note says “Can’t talk now, Sosa’s up next inning. I’ll be at my bar tonight. Beer on me”. So yes, we go to Harry’s bar that night, he’s there, says hi to me, says he recognized my name from my mom’s Christmas card and ends up buying a round for my buddies and I. He wishes us well and goes back to doing his thing (mostly gladhanding and taking the occasional picture with tourists and comely lasses in the bar). 

So yes, Virginia, Santa Claus does exist, and Harry Caray is as awesome a guy as you always hoped he’d be. 


I have goosebumps just thinking of these experiences. Incredible stuff out of Brandon. Trading notes with Harry? This is stuff straight out of a novel. I couldn’t even come up with such a scenario in my head that has all sorts of Harry Caray dreams floating around.

Someone go ahead and beat this story. I’m not sure if it’s even possible.

Countertop ice maker advice from the Screencaps community

• Reid writes:

Just before Thanksgiving guests arrived this year my wife unveiled my early Christmas present. A GE Profile ice maker. We call it Sonic ice, after the fast-food drive-up chain. 

So far so good. Really enjoy it. Small footprint, quiet, and always has ice.

• Wyn in Colorado writes:

I’ve got a GE Opal 2.0 (non wifi). It makes great ice when it’s working. It’s more of a Sonic ice than a Chick-fil-A ice. Very easy to setup and very easy to use.

The problem is after cleaning it. This is my 3rd machine in less than a year. Each time after we’ve cleaned it (first with bleach as recommended and 2nd one with vinegar as YouTube recommends) the ice starts coming out slushy. We’ve tried tap water (which is hard where we live) and purified water as GE suggests. Both only worked prior to cleaning. Haven’t cleaned the 3rd one yet because we’ve only had it a month but it’s coming due.

Hope you can find a good ice maker but I’d stay away from the GE Opal 2.0.

• Chris in Nebraska writes:

Danny K is looking for the GE Opal Ice Maker.  I bought one of the prototypes when they first came out on Kickstarter because a) my nieces loved chewy ice at the time b) I love chewy ice and c) I drink an uncomfortable amount of Moscow Mules.  It was a PITA to keep clean although I’ve seen that GE released a 2.0 version that supposedly addresses some of the issues.

Now, a couple things to consider for Danny.  One, it doesn’t make very much ice, like only a couple pounds at a time which is usually enough for a couple glasses worth of ice.  It takes about 5-7 minutes for the machine to start spitting out ice so you need to be a bit patient as well.  My suggestion is to run it ton and bag up the excess ice so you have some always ready to go. It’s also a noisy little bugger and these things aren’t cheap. 

You’re looking at $350+ for one of the units and I do recommend keeping on top of the cleaning which can be annoying.  That being said, If the misses has her heart set on one, then hey, happy wife/happy life.  But, if you don’t think you’ll get a ton of mileage out of it, you may be better off just buying the big bags of ice from Sonic (assuming you have one in the area.)


As I expected, cleaning is the issue, but YMMV. Don’t let me be the one to talk you out of a countertop ice maker for the basement. Maybe some of you actually enjoy cleaning ice makers and you have free time to get the job done. Not me.


• Michael J. in Illinois writes:

Just checking in to complain. Found this outside Dunkin Donuts. Pathetic 


I tried to upload the photo with no success. The Dunkin workers have put their tip jar out on the ledge in the drive-thru. These things just keep popping up over and over. You handed me a coffee…that’s not tip-worthy!

Ramblings from NW Ohio

• Harvey D. is back with a few thoughts:

A lot to get through so let’s get this Ramblings sponsored by Budweiser and Jim Beam Fire going.

  Inflatable Christmas decor.

Not no way not no how. I travel a fair amount and unless these things are full at attention, it looks like a Macy’s parade gone out on Roofies(sorry Coz). Absolutely no effort in presentation or scenic staging is involved in any of this pressure differential Holiday madness is required. Hideous.  Now if your 2.5 story McMansion is lit like a runway at DTW, you have my respect.

AS LONG AS IT WAS YOU, THE HOMEOWNER THAT DID IT!!!!!! If you have it hired out, you might as well stake that Santa on a mower in your yard and call it done!!!! Ok, the question will be asked do you decorate? Nope that is Mrs. D. territory. She wants the white light-up deer for the yard, I told her only if you want them in compromising positions everyday when you get home! So that bud got nipped! I did make her happy this year, a place for her Christmas village( see attached). Couple hours in the garage and having some Buds and still being able to count to 10 without removing my shoes. She got this(see attached).

     Griner coming home

Seriously? We will let a Marine rot in a Russian prison, but bring a kneeling lib home for the Merchant of Death?!?! WTF! The lib libs and Hollywood types are all a glow over her? being rescued, but won’t say shit about a Gdamn Marine being left behind? F All Y’all!  That Bush girl, hit that nail on the head harder than I do with a 32oz bridge building hammer!! ATTA GIRL!!

   World Cup

Could not care less. The Croation chick wears Spanx.(see attached) Do I care, no. Is it like finding out Santa is not real, close. But eh, she is pleasing to the eye so all is good. I do believe the key to World peace is Boobs one way or another. Never met a man mad while staring at a good set. Just saying.


Lake Erie islands hands down!! Enjoy all  the Erie islands and Shores have to offer! Put In Bay for the Far North Key West vibe, Middle Bass to chill and relax. North Bass to unplug and rough it. Don’t forget Kelley’s Island for those who want to adult and still have fun!  My Put in Bay party days are decades in the past, but I have many a fond memory……. Do the Islands, Mainland it, hit Cedar Point, wineries, Johnston Island(look it up) Marblehead Lighthouse.  The North Coast is a blast!

BTW, Harvey D. was over at the local high school in my city fixing the basketball hoop. I swear, this community has its hands in everything.

Harvey writes:

We had to make a basketball hoop go up for the game tonight. I must say the place is nice, but you all need new bleachers! Any way just a little cable twist undone and all is good! 

Ashley Manning appreciation

• Chris B. in Houston writes:

This is a screen shot from Peyton Manning’s story on IG. His wife? Smokin!


Because you’re going to do a Google search, I’ll go ahead and reveal that Ashley is 48, according to the Internet sites I trust.

And with that, let’s get rolling. You guys have ice maker shopping to do. I have shopping to do. I might swim a little bit after posting this. It’s time to get this Saturday rolling.

Don’t forget, Army-Navy is today at 3 ET on CBS.

Have a great day.


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