Boxing Reporter Michelle Joy Phelps Gives An Update On Her Exclusive Content

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Boxing reporter and podcast host Michelle Joy Phelps announced at the end of May that she was taking her talents to OnlyFans. She followed up the announcement by saying she would be launching a brand new podcast and more.

Given the platform that Michelle decided to launch her exclusive content on, the “and more” was assumed by many to include adult content. That is not the case.

Her OnlyFans bio is pretty clear, “I’m a former MAXIM/ FHM model posting Maxim-style photos (that’s it!) & day-to-day content. Basically- The stuff you won’t be able to see on IG/ twitter.”

Michelle Joy Phelps/Twitter

Some People Have A Hard Time Following Along

Unfortunately for Michelle, the bio hasn’t kept her from receiving requests from people asking to see more. During a recent appearance on iFL TV, she gave an update on her exclusive content venture and the type of content she shares.

“There’s no nudes, and I’m sick and tired of people messaging me going, ‘am I going to get some t***?’’ I told you, I never lied to you, you’re not getting it. But, you will get lingerie, bikinis, workout stuff, stuff like that,” she said.

Michelle says despite the requests for nudity, things are going well on the platform. She said, “It’s going really well, I don’t know why people are like, ‘she’s coming back to boxing because her OnlyFans failed.'”

“First of all my OnlyFans has not failed at all; I have great subscribers. I think a lot of people are surprised as to how much I communicate with them on there. I’m like, ‘yeah that’s the whole point, you subscribe and we’re texting each other… I’m not going to lie to you.”

If you build it, people will come. Then they’ll start complaining about it. If you’re looking for more than what she’s offering you’re going to have to go elsewhere. It’s not that hard.

Written by Sean Joseph

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