Boxer Caleb Plant ‘Digs Grave’ After Knockout Win

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Caleb Plant isn’t just a solid boxer, he must be very good at charades too.

The American boxer put on a display that would make legendary French mime Marcel Marceau proud, and I’m just talking about his celebration.

Plant delivered an absolute howitzer of a left that crumpled his opponent Anthony Dirrell like a dollar-store lawn chair.

While the official checked on Dirrell, Plant strutted around the ring, but then once his opponent was officially out for the count he broke out his celly.

And what a celly it was…

That’s right. The ol’ grave digger celebration.

A Textbook But Tasteless Celebration

Sure, it’s not exactly the most tasteful way to celebrate a victory, and I’m not condoning it, but let’s not pretend that it wasn’t executed (pun intended) to perfection.

He paused momentarily when the shovel went into the ground and it looked like his imaginary shovel had some weight to it. That’s textbook.

I mean, watch it again. Plant pantomimed digging a grave so well, it looked like part of his fight camp involved taking improv classes at Second City. Of course, he didn’t actually do that because he never mentioned it.

Everyone knows that the first rule of improv comedy is “Yes, and…”

The second rule of improv comedy is you must tell everyone you meet that you’re taking improv classes.

Still, it’s not what most consider to be “a good show of sportsmanship” which is why the ref tried to get him to stop.

Plant later said that the celebration was in response to Dirrell’s trash-talking leading up to the fight.

This included Dirrell saying that Plant was “just one of those guys that I wanna really f— up.”

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