Both The More Highly Educated And Less Highly Educated Are Least Likely To Get COVID Vaccine

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It’s not just wealthier conservatives who aren’t big on getting vaccinated, despite what’s being reported and too oftren accepted. According to a joint study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh, those with lower levels of education are also hesitant.

Researchers analyzed more than 5 million respondents of a survey that gauged acceptance of vaccine. It consisted of a wide range of demographics, with researchers classifying people who would “probably” or “definitely” not get vaccinated as “vaccine hesitant.”

Per the study, people who possess a Ph.D. are the least likely to receive a vaccine.

Along with that, the study revealed that counties with the highest amount of support for former president Donald Trump also had the highest amount of vaccine hesitancy. Yet those with master’s degrees didn’t prove to be hesitant at all.

 Source: Carnegie Mellon University

“But more surprising is the breakdown in vaccine hesitancy by level of education. It finds that the association between hesitancy and education level follows a U-shaped curve with the highest hesitancy among those least and most educated,” according to “People with a master’s degree had the least hesitancy, and the highest hesitancy was among those holding a Ph.D. 

“What’s more, the paper found that in the first five months of 2021, the largest decrease in hesitancy was among the least educated — those with a high school education or less. Meanwhile, hesitancy held constant in the most educated group; by May, those with Ph.Ds were the most hesitant group.”

That’s not all the study revealed.

It also showed that those with a Ph.D. aren’t just heistant to get vaccine. They also are the least likely group to convinced otherwise, as relayed.

Written by Sam Amico

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    • True but the study was looking a pure degree attainment versus lesser degree attainment. Real world experience beats book education most days but the more degrees one has the more likely for employment in many industries. Par for the course. One wouldn’t want their doctor or lawyer to tell them well I have real world experience but never passed the boards or bar.

  1. It does not fit the definition of a vaccine. No problem. Just change the definition. Check it out. I`m just a pig. But I am a smart fucking pig, (with a little acting talent, I might add), which makes me smarter than every senator that voted for the `Fuck Americans` bill. I am starting my own series, ‘Are You Smarter than a Pig?’ First guest: Joseph Biden. Tune in. I belive in starting with the easy ones.

  2. I found this study to be relatively confirmatory, meaning that it seems obvious that more educated people – people who have spent a large part of their life learning critical thinking and how to evaluate evidence – are more independent thinker and less likely to be pushed into a long-term potential hazardous health decision.

    In other words, of course it’s harder to bribe them with a donut.

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