Boston College Receiver Zay Flowers Claims He Turned Down $600,000 NIL Offer

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Boston College star Zay Flowers apparently turned down a ton of money to leave the Eagles.

Flowers is one of the best receivers in college football, and we all know in the era of NIL, players are sometimes inclined to chase the money.

Not Flowers!

Flowers revealed Wednesday that he was offered $600,000 by a different program to dip out from Boston College, but he had no interest in leaving the Eagles.

Good for Flowers for staying loyal. In the era of NIL, nobody would have blamed him if he chased the money. College athletes are finally able to cash in, and many of them air!

This is America. We support capitalism in this country. If you’re talented enough to make money at what you do, you should.

Zay Flowers turned down NIL offers. (Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images)

However, that has created a bit of a wild west situation in sports, and we’ve seen a ton of transferring in the world of college football.

It’s even more impressive that Flowers turned down $600,000 when you take into account the Eagles aren’t a great program. Boston College, while in the ACC, doesn’t inspire fear in anyone. They’re not going to push for a national title.

He could have joined an SEC squad or Ohio State and pushed for a national title while getting paid. Instead, he chose to stay loyal.

Zay Flowers turned down $600,000 to leave the Eagles. (Photo by Cody Glenn/Getty Images)

You have to respect that kind of commitment to seeing something through to the end.

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