Boston Celtics Walk Off Court in Miami [UPDATE]

Presumably in response to the violent protests by Donald Trump supporters at the United States Capitol today, the Boston Celtics have walked off the court of tonight’s game against the Miami Heat in Miami:

The game was slated to tip off at 7:30 ET. This is not unprecedented in the NBA. The Milwaukee Bucks declined to take the court for a playoff game against the Orlando Magic after Jacob Blake was shot by police in Kenosha. It will be worth monitoring to see what the NBA’s institutional response, if anything, will be to this decision by the Boston Celtics.

Update: Reportedly, the game is still expected to go on as scheduled:

Update II: Here is the joint statement issued by the Celtics and Heat:

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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  1. With no fans in attendance it is easy for teams to do this and get away with no repercussions. I would like to see the backlash if an NFL (or any other sport) team did this with actual fans who have paid and are in the stands. As it stands I lost what minimal respect I had left for the NBA when the Bucks (my home state team btw) refused to take the court over the Blake shooting (a justified shooting) and simply refuse to ever watch one of their games again.

    • Could any of the reporters who cover these teams ask basic questions. Such as, “What in the district attorney’s decision not to prosecute the police officer who shot Jacob Blake do you disagree with? The fact he was armed? The two Taser hits he shrugged off? The crime he had committed, the knife he was found to be carrying or his decision to attempt to drive off with someone else’s kid?”

      None of these NBA players could make a case for charging that officer given the actual circumstances. So they’re just about the emotions and empty gestures and acting out against law enforcement they know is necessary.

  2. They should have said they decided to play because they know nobody cares when they walk off and don’t play and they now understand it hurts their wallet. This is what happens when you use up your platform for a rapist. No impact at all the second time they try it.

  3. You can’t change uneducated, uninformed, ignorant basketball players. Most would be selling crack on the corner of the local hood if they couldn’t dribble a basketball, so I didn’t expect anything less from them.

  4. No way those were real Trump supporters…
    Any Trump supporter knows that would be the dumbest possible thing to do; hence the false flag – a genius play by the Left. Will fool just about everybody, and certainly the NBA is happy to play along.

  5. Are the Celtics for real with that statement? They think BLM protesters were treated differently? ………Actually, now that I think about it, BLM protesters were treated differently. BLM protesters were allowed to riot, month after month, day after day, while our elected officials let them tear down statues, destroy government buildings, assault police officers, and threaten to take peoples homes by force. BLM protesters were allowed to destroy city after city all summer long while the protests were called mostly peaceful. BLM protesters were called heroes by the media.

    Even worse, when the media wasn’t calling the BLM protests “mostly peaceful”, they were actually encouraging violence. Here is a link to Fredo Cuomo encouraging violence:

    Can anyone imagine if a black female BLM protester had been shot and killed like the white woman who was shot and killed today? We all know what would happen. The BLM protesters wouldn’t have stopped. Ever. They would be occupying DC for months. Yes, Boston Celtics, BLM protesters were treated differently.

    The NBA is a fucking joke and the Celtics with that hypocritical Jaylen Brown who brags about being named after Jalen Rose is one of the most pathetic millennials there is. Jaylen, if you really care so much about social justice, quit the NBA you spoiled brat. If you really care about social justice do something besides bouncing a ball up and down a court and inciting violence in your time off the court. Those spoiled millionaires make me sick

    • Well said. All during the summer did we hear any condemnation of Antifa or BLM from the left. Hell no, not even when the Portland Federal Courthouse was attacked for weeks. Biden called Antifa an idea, Nadler called them a myth. Harris helped raise bail money for anyone arrested. The NBA can KMA.

    • Preach! The first thing that popped in my head yesterday when folks started rioting in DC was the term “mostly peaceful protesters” that we heard all summer from the MSM. Now of course the word “riot” couldn’t be used any more in an article it is nauseating. That being said, this violence won’t solve anything so I wish this didn’t happen. Oh and who give a flying fuck about what NBA players are doing. They want to honor a career criminal who died suicide by cop all because of “systemic racism”. Racism made Jacob Blake rape someone. Racism made Jacob Blake try to kidnap a kid. Racism made Jacob Blake pull a weapon on police. Racism made Jacob Blake resist arrest. Racism made Jacob Blake a career loser.

  6. Ready for a meteor to end it all. FFS.

    1) Boston has nothing to do with Milwaukee and that situation
    2) The game was in Miami – not Milwaukee nor DC
    3) There was ample evidence Jacob Blake made the bed he laid in (sucks it happened but let’s be real)
    4) You get payed millions of dollars to play a game and no normal person can just walk off the job
    5) That has to be up there in tone deaf/bad faith justification/reporting – literally saying one side is getting special treatment while cities burned all summer (some were annexed)

    You can’t make this shit up.

  7. Not even half a day has passed and the NBA ties Jacob Blake into the DC situation.

    Enough. Jeremy, Abel, Tanner, and gooby have nailed it. This league’s obsession with Blake is disgusting. Even if law enforcement acted aggressively putting seven bullets into Blake, he raped a woman. He’s not a hero. STOP.

  8. They live in an alternate reality bubble fed by propaganda. BLM was treated with kid gloves all summer. An unarmed AF vet was shot and killed today. Imagine the reaction from these boobs and the liars in the media if it had been a left-wing protest and one of their’s had been shot. The outrage would be 24/7, there would be non-stop vigils and demands to defund Capitol Police.

    • Exactly. No one (from local to national politicians) dared send in the National Guard, that was seen as fascist, and just let monuments, buildings, businesses, etc get destroyed. In Portland federal agents were fighting in the streets against Antifa/BLM protecting federal property and the media called those agitators (Antifa/BLM) “mostly peaceful protestors”. It is all fake and manufactured to get fucking Instagram and Twitter followers. GTFOH and STFU.

    • Anyone with a half a brain, an open mind, and with objective judgement knows this wasn’t a fair election. Once all these states announce mass mail-in voting I figured this is how it would play out. Clay is right; this would have been a runaway Trump win if covid never happened – the economy was far too strong, even if Trump is a dick. The left pimped the virus and exploited the situation to give them an almost certain victory, even if their candidate has early onset dementia, a major overhanging scandal, and did minimal campaigning. Politics is a dirty game. Unfortunately, “it’s not about what you know, it’s about what you can prove” (Denzel – Training Day). It’s time to move on, reset the voting laws, and get ready for 2022.

  9. Interesting, all the outrage about what happened at Capitol Hill. At least they attacked a place of power. This summer innocent business owners saw their life works destroyed and all the MSM could do is justify it.

    • Exactly. So the hell what the Capitol sustained some damage, they will just take money from taxpayers to repair it. What help did business owners get when their entire lives were destroyed? All my sympathy goes to these business owners, not a bunch of politicians who have become multi-millionaires on the backs of taxpayers.

      • Right on. What happened yesterday was like recess at a preschool compared to what happened this summer. All of these Dems that are “outraged” over this never condemned the rioting this summer, in fact some of them helped bailed the rioters out of jail or were in favor of no bail at all. Two justice systems in this country. One for Democrats and another for their political enemies.

  10. So done with the NBA for good, not even gonna browse the box score and see how Lamelo did or teammates are doing like I have. I used to have NBA tv and I still own a LA Lebron official jersey but these guys are the ultimate nerd beta cucks so deuces. They are so in their feelings and I guess they been on their iphones bouncing around multi thousand dollar tuition AAU tournaments throughout their childhood and now they are claiming they are the nations intellects and victims. Most of these clowns grew up with stars shooting out their ass as popular jocks and countless people in their lkves making sure they succeeed. Screw these little cry babies, the NBA is pathetic these guys are soft clowns and most of then couldn’t assistant manage a 7-11. Reminds me of the markets at the temples in the Bible, it’s always the elites who try and claim intellectual and moral superiority. These dudes are truly morons or the highest/lowest degree.

    • So true. 21st century pampered athletes act like the world owes them something because they can play a sport. Plus losers on social media make these clowns think they are smart or have something important to say. These guys act fake hard too like you said. It is all for the twitter and gram clout that is all that matters to these spoiled brats. Nothing of substance. Hey when their “leader” is flaky LeBron what should we expect.

  11. The death of critical thinking in America… low information athletes are easy manipulated and make good messengers for the intended narrative. At least the audience continues to shrink so less folks have to see this.

  12. They were not Trump supporters some bad actors took advantage of a large gathering Trumps rallies throughout the year have been peaceful and the President has always been on the side of law and order unlike the other de fund the police side. As far as the chicom league i am still not watching or supporting in any way you could not find a more woke bunch of dumb ass tools if you tried.

  13. The NBA will for ever more be known as the fake protesting communist cowardly drama queen bitch driven league that sacrifice nothing and use any excuse to avoid actually doing their jobs.
    they are an evil communist Chinese government owned shitshow.

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