Boomer Esiason Thinks Mac Jones Has A ‘Douchiness’ To Him

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Boomer Esiason is pulling no punches when it comes to Patriots quarterback Mac Jones.

On “The Greg Hill Show” Monday, Esiason criticized the QB for getting visibly frustrated during his team’s win against the Miami Dolphins. He said adversity brings out the “douchiness” in Jones.

“Here’s the thing that I really dislike about Mac Jones if you want to get to the root of it,” Esiason said. “His body language, his facial expressions, his gyrations on the field — piss me off. There’s a douchiness to them. I don’t know how else to explain it.”

Patriots QB Mac Jones doesn't hide his frustration on the field.
Patriots QB Mac Jones doesn’t hide his frustration on the field. (Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images)

But it’s okay to be douchey, according to Esiason, if you can back it up on the field.

“You know, Tom Brady could be douchey too at times,” Esiason said. “And he can be yelling at his players and everything else. But Tom Brady then goes out and backs it up. He goes and plays his ass off and gets his team to the playoffs again.”

Mac Jones has been under fire for the past week

Jones made a questionable hit on Bengals’ cornerback Eli Apple on Christmas Eve. Since then, he’s been fending off a growing reputation as a “dirty” player.

“Everybody has an opinion, and the biggest thing for me is focusing on being the best teammate I can be and earning the respect of the people in this building and the people I care about,” Jones said amid the controversy. “Obviously, I have respect for everybody around the league.”

But Esiason simply isn’t buying it.

“I don’t necessarily know that he’s earned the right to act the way that he does at times, like frustrated, looking at the coaches and screaming and yelling, putting his hands to his head,” Esiason said. 

Esiason, who played 14 season in the NFL, knows a thing or two about earning his keep.

“Body language for a quarterback is so important,” he said. “And I hate when quarterbacks sulk on the sideline. They have to be above all of that. They have to have the backbone. They have to have the leadership bone. They have to be able to look guys in the face and know what they’re doing. Don’t come off with your hands in the air.”

The 8-8 Patriots will make the playoffs if they can beat the AFC East champion Buffalo Bills on Sunday. If they can’t, expect some more douchiness from Mac Jones.

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