Bombs Away! Father Of Olympic Gold Medalist Curses Repeatedly During Post-Race Interview

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Ever wonder what it would feel like to watch your daughter win an Olympic gold medal? Wonder no more. Zoi Sadowski-Synnott’s father, Sean, painted a clear picture for us on Sunday when he described himself as “pretty f—king excited.”

We can’t blame ya, Sean.

“She was f–king crazy,” Sean said of his daughter. “I’m pretty f–king excited, to be honest.”

Sadowski-Synnott, 21, didn’t just claim first place in the women’s slopestyle snowboard event. Her run earned New Zealand its first Winter Olympics gold medal ever.

F—king exciting, indeed.

Shortly after his daughter’s win in Beijing, a reporter spoke with Sean to gather his reaction. Not only did the reporter get a fun reaction from an elated dad, but he also found himself starring in a video that soon went viral.

The interview aired live in New Zealand, and the proud papa immediately became an internet sensation. His viral clip has been arguably more popular than Zoi’s accomplishment itself.

Not that she minded.

“I think really that he had a few too many drinks at that point, but you can’t really blame him,” said Zio, per The New York Post. “It was Waitangi Day in New Zealand (a national holiday), and his daughter just won the Olympics so…”

Seems as though Father’s Day came four f–king months early for Sean. Cheers to him.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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