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Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth should quit ESPN. They should rid themselves of the salaries they receive on the backs of racist Americans.

The two privileged commentators gathered together on a podcast last week on which they declared NFL fans racist.

Jones and Foxworth didn’t provide evidence for their claim. Nonetheless, they predicted the NFL would implement rule changes to hinder black quarterbacks to appease racist viewers.

To recap:

“Something just hit me, there’s gonna be some rule changes in the NFL, they’re gonna do something,” Foxworth said. “Who’s the best quarterback in football? Patrick Mahomes. Who’s the two highest-paid players in all the league? Lamar Jackson and Jalen Hurts. Who are the first three quarterbacks drafted in this draft? Black dudes.”

“Yep, something’s going down,” Jones agreed before Foxworth said “We’ve got a rule change coming down the pike.”

ESPN Podcasts

Calling a group racist without proof is common practice for both Jones and Foxworth.

Foxworth once suggested Josh Allen’s fans were racist because they supported the American flag. Oh, and dogs.

(Bark. Bark.)

Bomani, on the other hand, recently called white people racist by default. He claims a white person must prove they are not racist for him to consider them not a racist.

(That’s how he gets his bosses to employ him despite his record-setting lows in ratings.)

The demand for racism in sports media outstrips the supply. And useful idiots like these two exist to manufacture supply in ongoing times of shortages.

But targeting NFL fans is more notable than previous groups they’ve labeled the term. NFL fans are the foundation of ESPN, the network that employs both men.

Cable fees are among ESPN’s chief revenue streams. Cable subscribers pay nearly $10 per month for ESPN and ESPN2. The network can only charge an industry-leading amount because of a rights agreement with the NFL to air “Monday Night Football” exclusively.

MNF is the most viewed product on cable. It’s not close. Without it, ESPN would be a diminished business. It could not sustain its current costs without the NFL product.

That includes salaries. ESPN can pay Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth 75% more than their market value because Americans whom they call racist religiously consume the NFL product on ESPN airwaves.

So, will Jones and Foxworth quit and rid themselves of racist NFL fans’ blood money?

Of course, not. Nor will ESPN address their disparaging comments.

Both ESPN and the NFL are undoubtedly bothered by Jones and Foxworth deriding their consumer base.

How could they not be? Attacking your own customers is a fireable offense in almost any industry.

But saying so, publicly or privately, could cause critics to call ESPN and the NFL the racists. Neither would dare risk that. (Jemele Hill is watching closely.)

Still, OutKick gave ESPN and the NFL a chance to defend themselves from the accusations of cowardice we just cast upon them.

We asked ESPN:

Does ESPN stand by Bomani and Foxworth calling NFL fans — which are the main ESPN viewers — racist?

And the NFL:

Does the NFL agree with a league partner calling the fans, which pay ESPN’s contracts, racist? 

Does the NFL think its fans are racist? 

Is the NFL upset ESPN said this?

Does the NFL have a comment on this?

Is the NFL afraid to address this comment because Bomani might call you guys racist back?


Pretty simple questions, no?

Unfortunately, neither ESPN spokesperson Derek Volner nor NFL PR rep Brian McCarthy responded to a request for comment.

We hope they change their minds.

If so, we will be sure to update this story. NFL fans deserve to know if the institutions they support view them as racist as Jones and Foxworth purport to.

Bomani Jones

Ultimately, institutional cowardice allows characters like Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth to spew such racist bigotry.

They know their bosses and league partners wouldn’t dare condemn them for baseless accusations of racism. They get away with it. They know they can. They have for years.

ESPN created a safe haven for the likes of Bomani Jones, Domonique Foxworth, and actual racist Mark Jones to spread blatantly false, often anti-white, racist propaganda.

It’s called privilege. (You have to have the race card to earn it.)

Two ESPN hosts say NFL fans are racist. Yet the viewing habits of said fans prove quite the opposite.

The NFL is the most popular TV show in the country. The league is some 70% black with a majority white audience.

In fact, this past Super Bowl featured two black quarterbacks for the first time ever and set a viewership record. The very viewers Bomani clams screech at the thought of black quarterbacks tuned-in in record droves to see two square off.

As a whole, NFL viewers would root for a Smurf if he helped them win football games. They are indifferent to the skin colors of the players for whom they root.

Sure, there may be some racist fans in the NFL. There are racist fans in the NBA, too. Such as Jones and Foxworth’s colleague Kendrick Perkins.

I know, never let the facts get in the way of good race bait.

Still, the race-baiters had to shift their focus somewhere. Too challenging it’d be to continue denouncing the NFL owners as white supremacists now that six of the seven highest-paid quarterbacks, and the first three quarterbacks taken in the 2023 NFL Draft were black.

And acknowledging progress is not in the cards for Jones or Foxworth. Racial hysteria is the purpose of their careers.

But if Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth believe what they say — and we aren’t certain they do — they should quit ESPN immediately.

They should go work for a company that doesn’t profit primarily from the racist Americans of whom they speak.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

Burack has become a prominent voice in media and has been featured on several shows across OutKick and industry related podcasts and radio stations.

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  1. These two are too stupid for words. The highest paid QBs in the NFL are all black, so they can no longer claim that owners are racist against black QBs (Even though that hasn’t been the case since maybe the 1960’s.) So now, they are claiming racism over rules that have not been proposed or implemented that are going to target only black QBs. What rules? Who knows, but these two bozos are convinced these imaginary rules are super racist.

    Sigh, remember when ESPN was about sports and entertainment?

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