Was An Alien Photographed Casually Strolling Along A River In Bolivia?

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An insane claim about an alleged alien is coming out of Bolivia, but does it pass the sniff test?

As OutKick readers know, chatter about UFOs and aliens is perhaps the hottest topic in America these days.

Interest exploded to a new level when whistleblower David Grusch claimed during a congressional hearing non-human biologics had been recovered. He didn’t get into further details. Read into it as much as you’d like, but that certainly leaves the door open for speculation the government has alien bodies.

Well, there’s a new claim out of Bolivia, and it’s downright nuts.

Was an alien photographed in Bolivia?

A photograph has surfaced that allegedly shows a partially transparent alien walking along the Pilcomayo River in Tarija, Bolivia, according to The Sun. Yes, you just read that sentence correctly. The photo, which can be seen in the video below, allegedly shows an alien on a relaxing walk.

The Sun reported UFO experts are analyzing the photo to determine whether or not it’s real.

This just doesn’t add up.

I want to be clear that I’m wrong about stuff all the time. Just because I speculate on something hardly means my word is law.

Having said that, I don’t buy this at all. Not one bit. I’m very open-minded on subjects involving the paranormal, UFOs, aliens and things that generally can’t be explained.

An alien was allegedly photographed in Bolivia, but is it real? (Credit: Getty Images)

It’s important to understand just how little we fully understand about the universe we live in. However, some things are simply too good to be true.

An alien was just walking around in Bolivia and someone managed to photograph it? Yeah, hard pass, folks. It’s a hard pass from me.

Imagine someone trying to make this claim in America. My brain can’t even process it. Bullets would be flying all over the river if someone saw an alien taking an afternoon stroll.

Are aliens real? (Credit: Getty Images)

I’m willing to buy a lot, but I’m not willing to buy this. No chance in hell. Let me know in the comments what you think.

Written by David Hookstead

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