Bodog Rolls All the LSU-Bama Prop Bets Out; 75% of public on LSU

Just when you thought the betting line was all you needed to be concerned about, along comes Bodog with some of the most extensive prop bets for a regular season college game I’ve ever seen. Want to bet on individual player yardage? It’s possible. Want to bet on whether individual players will score touchdowns? That’s possible too.

It’s insane.

I’ve cut and pasted Bodog’s press release below so you can see all the prop bets below. We’re not usually in the business of cut and pasting PR releases, but given all the interest in this game, I think these odds are more interesting than 90% of what will be written about the game.

“At the pace that the LSU/Alabama game is getting bet right now, this will almost certainly be our highest bet college game of the year to date and may even rival the BCS championship.  As predicted the public is hitting up LSU taking the 5 points on the road, with about 75% of the money on the Tigers,” said Bodog sports book manager Richard Gardner.  

Will the winner of the Alabama & LSU game win the BCS Championship?

Yes                  1/2

Will Alabama & LSU play each other in the BCS National Championship Game?

Yes                  2/1

Game Specific Stats

Team to score 1st in the game

LSU                  +115 Alabama            -155

The 1st score of the game will be

Touchdown   -230 Field Goal or Safety       +160

Will there be a Defensive or Special Team Touchdown scored in the game?

Yes                  +150

No                     -200

Longest Touchdown score of the game

Over/Under                    41.5 

Total Offensive Yards (Both Teams Combined)

Over/Under                    631 

Total Offensive Yards – Alabama

Over/Under                    354.5 

Total Offensive Yards –LSU

Over/Under                    276.5 

LSU Team/Player Stats

Total Pass Completions-

LSU QB’sOver/Under                    13.5 

Total Touchdown Passes –

LSU QB’sOver/Under                    1.5 

Total Rushing Yards –

Spencer Ware (LSU)Over/Under                    66.5 

Will Spencer Ware (LSU) score a Touchdown in the game?

Yes                  -135 No                     Even

Total Rushing Yards –

Michael Ford (LSU) Over/Under                    44.5 

Total Receiving Yards –

Reuben Randle (LSU)Over/Under                    59.5 

Total Receptions – Reuben Randle (LSU)Over/Under                    3.5 

Total Receptions – Odell Beckham Jr. (LSU)Over/Under                    2.5 

Will Tyrann Mathieu record a Forced Fumble?

Yes                  +200 No                     -300

Will Tyrann Mathieu record an Interception?

Yes                  +150 No                     -200

Alabama Player/Team Stats

Total Passing Yards –

A.J. McCarron (Alabama) Over/Under                    192.5 

Total Pass Completions –

A.J. McCarron (Alabama)Over/Under                    15.5 

Total Touchdown Passes –

A.J. McCarron (Alabama)Over                  1.5 (+140)Under                1.5  (-180)

Total Rushing Yards –

Trent Richardson (Alabama)Over/Under                    99.5 

Total Receiving Yards –

Trent Richardson (Alabama)Over/Under                    29.5 

Total Receptions –

Trent Richardson (Alabama)Over/Under                    2.5 

Will Trent Richardson (Alabama) score a 1ST Half Touchdown?

Yes                  -130 No                    Even

Will Trent Richardson (Alabama) score a 2nd Half Touchdown?

Yes                  Even No                     -140

Total Receiving Yards –

Marquis Maze (Alabama)Over/Under                    47.5 

Total Receptions –

Marquis Maze (Alabama)Over/Under                    3.5 

Total Receptions –

Darius Hanks (Alabama)Over/Under                    2.5 

Head-To-Head Stats

Who will have more Passing & Rushing Yards?

LSU QB’s                                  +11.5 (-130)A.J. McCarron (Alabama)             -11.5 (Even)

Who will have more Receiving Yards?

Reuben Randle (LSU)                  -12.5  (Even)Marquis Maze (Alabama)            +12.5 (-130)

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.