Man Who Went Viral For Yeeting a Bobcat Needed 35 Shots To Fight Rabies!

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Husbands and fathers tend to have a solution for most areas in life. In the case of the Wade family from Burgaw, North Carolina, dealing with a bobcat turned into a scary scene when the untamed animal randomly appeared in their suburb and attacked Kristi Wade.

Also in the driveway was husband Happy Wade, who heard his wife’s howling at the sound of the pouncing animal, ran up to it and hoisted it in the air before throwing the animal across the front yard to defend himself and his wife from the ravenous cat.

After attempting to chase it away from his residence, Happy Wade shot the animal.

“It bit me on my hand, and the only reason I knew I got bit then was because I literally felt a tooth on my bone,” said Mr. Wade, in an interview with USA Today.

Reports of the incident detailed a number of injuries from the swiping and chomping bobcat. Happy was given a total of 35 shots in order to stave off rabies from several bites, while wife Kristi was also treated for infection.

Mrs. Wade commented, “They picked arms and thighs and anywhere they could to get it in you. It was not fun, but it was necessary. I said to the nurse it was almost as bad as being attacked by the cat.”

The video went viral back in April after viewers lauded Happy Wade’s bravery and throwing ability.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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