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I spent the night watching Little Tua in the garage while the kids zapped their energy levels

I must say there’s not much better than cracking a cold one in the garage in late October when the kids are jonesing to cause chaos inside the house. Here’s a better idea: let’s go into the garage, get out balls, mini basketball hoops, bikes, and whatever else they can find. Add some Halloween Pandora to the mix, throw on the Minnesota-Maryland game and that’s a solid Friday night. The big news out of the B1G game is that the average to normally bad teams are suddenly interesting.

Maryland has little Tua (Taulia Tagovailoa) slinging it around and Minnesota doesn’t have a defense. The normally boring Big Ten is making for strong Friday night garage beers television right now. The big winner of the Alabama quarterback room being overloaded with talent? Maryland and B1G TV rights holders who’ll now have the opportunity to showcase Taulia. OutKick’s Clint Lamb is already asking if Taulia could possibly end up better than his brother.

What’s NYC look like on the Friday before the election? It looks like a boarded-up slum in preparation for people to go nuts in the streets and smash windows, loot, and cause chaos. And here I used to take it to heart when coastal elites would make fun of flyover states. Those garage beers here in Ohio are tasting better by the day.

Happy Halloween. Let’s all go out and have a great one tonight.

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  1. Joe K:

    Hey Joe,
    If you go to your NY Post link about NYC becoming Plywood City…take a look over on the right and you’ll see our beloved “governor covid” and his attempt to break up his daughter’s love life. Not kidding ya…the NYS trooper was in gov’s security detail and got to know his daughter. Sparks began to turn to embers, and before you could say “my brother Fredo” the gov had him transferred to a small barracks way up by the Canadian border. Trooper now commutes 160 miles twice a day.

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