Bob Stoops Shares Thoughts On Oklahoma To The SEC

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If you haven’t heard by now, Oklahoma and Texas are both likely headed to the SEC. Hardly anyone has been talking about it, so I completely understand if you somehow missed that minor, insignificant news that we at OutKick have barely mentioned in the past week.

OK, now that we got all the sarcasm out of the way, we can continue.

Of course, everyone knows about yet another offseason move that is going to completely change the landscape of college football, and of course, pretty much everyone has an opinion on it. Legendary Sooners head coach Bob Stoops is no different.

The man accomplished so much in Norman after all. In his 17 seasons, he brought Oklahoma a national title and 10 Big 12 championships. That’s not quite Nick Saban or Dabo Swinney level, but it’s quite the resume.

People around college football, especially Oklahoma fans, are going to respect his opinion. And when it comes to the program making the jump to the most difficult league in college football, Stoops is all for it:

Let’s set the record straight: OU’s move to the SEC is what’s best for Oklahoma. The reality is that conferences are now more important than ever and, with limited spots, the strongest conferences would not accept OU if we were to require OSU to join as well. By joining the SEC, we ensure the state’s flagship university will be represented nationally while protecting our rich football history for many years to come. To move forward in any other manner would be to the detriment of OU and the state of Oklahoma.

Stoops believes Oklahoma can have success in the SEC. In his opinion, the teams and fans that they’ll bring to the table are second to none, and he believes the move will be attractive to recruits, players and spectators.

Stoops also addressed the elephant in the room, which is Oklahoma State. As much as he would like to see that in-conference rivalry continue, he also understands that conference alignment is changing a lot with college football.

Change is always hard. Moving to a more competitive league is unnerving to some. OU and OSU have a history of being in the same conference — I understand that. Of course, OU and OSU should work together when they can for the betterment of our state, but there are times when that is not possible (I don’t recall sharing my game plan with Coach Gundy every year). The reality is, in today’s world, conference realignment doesn’t allow for it.

Written by Clint Lamb

Clint Lamb is a College Football Writer for OutKick. Managing Editor for Roll Tide Wire. Sports radio host for The Bullpen on 730/103.9 The UMP. Co-host for The 'Bama Beat podcast through The Tuscaloosa News and


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  1. As if I needed another reason to hate the Sooners, a program I’ve hated since the days of Barry Switzer and Brian Bosworth. Congratulations, Coach Stoop-id, for reminding the rest of the world outside of Norman why we hate UofO with a passion.

  2. As a Baby Boomer I grew up with college sports being all about “traditional rivalries” … rivalries that began in the 20s – 30s – 40s and were steeped in myths and legends and created heroes and villains that OUR generation could recite from an early age. Those were THE GAMES that everyone circled on their calendars… and the tickets were treasured for the opportunity to say “I was there when ……….”.

    Sigh and Alas … that level of passion has lessened with succeeding generations who now make up the majority of American sports fans. …. Somehow Missouri and Kansas fans have managed to survive … as have Oklahoma / Nebraska fans. and Texas / aTm … OU / OSU fans will learn to too. …… How long before Army doesn’t play Navy ??? … Isn’t all this covered in The Book of Revelation?

  3. He certainly repeated the talking points accurately. I think we all get the cold logic, the more money, and the business side. What real people called football fans have a hard time with isn’t the business logic, to be clear for the dull. Sure, it would make business sense for every team in the ncaa to join the SEC if that’s all that mattered. However the issue that needs explaining for fans isn’t THAT, he’s addressing the aspect the no s$&! point no one cares about. Fans care about the apparent easy decision of steamrolling of tradition and program history as an afterthought in pursuit of more money for programs that are already loaded to the hilt. Leave the conference behind in shambles for your own interest. Who’s to say they won’t do the same to the SEC one day? Don’t turn your back. Let’s talk about that Bobby.

  4. Everything is in constant change. CFB doesn’t look anything like it did 50 years ago from many different angles and most of that is good. People adapt and move on with the change. I don’t have a problem with the change. Sometimes it is hard to swallow the motivation and methods of change as the character of people shine through during times like this. 10 years from now CFB will look different and I believe it will be good overall but some schools will be less (potentially my alma mater, KU) than more. Change is hard.

  5. SEC is going to be its own league. The question is will the Big Ten become its own league. Hence, look like the NFL. Then what does Notre Dame decide when this happens down the road. As for the teams that get left behind, I think it will be like the traditional NCAA model. I think USC and Oregon will either be blue bloods of the past or future depending on if they join the Big Ten. I think Clemson, and FSU will join SEC if ND, USC, and Oregon join Big Ten. Is what it is…

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