Blue Lives Matter Flag Plants Seeds For Postgame Fight

Emotions boiled over at the end of a Florida high school football game, and now the Orange County Sheriff’s Office wants to find out what went on between Wekiva High School and Mitchell High School during a Class 7A regional semifinal.

The fights being investigated by the sheriff’s office can be seen on social media videos, which show what happened after Mitchell’s 24-18 victory. Some from Wekiva have accused Mitchell players of using racial slurs. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the game started with Mitchell players running onto the field with a Blue Lives Matter flag and Wekiva players being booed as “most of them knelt during the national anthem.”

“They were calling our boys the N-word the whole time,” a parent of a Wekiva player told the Sentinel. “The coaches told the referees and warned them in the third quarter that things could get out of hand because of it. The kids didn’t handle the situation properly, but this wasn’t a thing where the team lost and then ran across the field because of bad sportsmanship.”

Game officials noted in their reports that Wekiva started the postgame fight, which resulted in suspensions from the Florida High School Athletic Association. The FHSAA announced Thursday that it was fining both schools $500 and suspending 10 Wekiva players. Nine of those players must sit out five consecutive interscholastic contests, the Tampa Bay Times reports. One Wekiva player has been suspended from athletics for 12 months.

The official report was that Mitchell “was basically attacked by a few of the Wekiva players, resulting in the whole team from Wekiva charging over.”

Mitchell (11-0) plays Edgewater (6-2) tonight in the Class 7A playoffs.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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        • Put it this way…with all the fake ‘hate’ crimes like Jussie Smollett, LeBron, Bubba Wallace…more often than not the only way racism or n word gets used is if they create it in themselves.

          Shoot Chappelle says that word probably more than any white guy.

      • Tanner, those odds sound about right. Is it possible that some pathetic racist fool used the n word? Like you said, sure it’s possible, but probably not. The leftists are worse than the proverbial boy who cried wolf when it comes to lying about this sort of thing.

        • No doubt. The “thin blue line” flag probably rubbed them (the team that kneeled for the Anthem) the wrong way. We’ve all been conditioned to draw all-or-nothing conclusions about other people based on one thing or action, without peeling back the layers. It’s not a reach to assume the Wekiva team automatically thought the other team was racist, which makes the N-word assertion an automatic “fact” in their collective thought process, and therefore a justification for acting like shitheads.

          It’s possible the N-word was dropped but in all likelihood not very plausible. Also, what are the odds the Mitchell team is all white? I’d be willing to bet that team is at least 15-20% black, which would make it unlikely they would just throw out the N-word all nonchalant. Also, looked into this – this team has been running with the thin blue line flag for several years now. A team tradition as some of the former players had parents who were cops.

          • Agreed. I looked up Mitchell High School’s demographics profile and the school is comprised of 26% minority students, mostly Hispanic. That being said, I find it highly unlikely that anyone threw around the N word unless it was some of the black or brown kids using it with an “A” on the end. Further, the word n$$$a is used so frequently by all colors of kids it is sickening. I still play a little pick up basketball usually with high school and college aged kids, and every race of kid uses the word.

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