BLM 101, Volume 7: The Lives Of Innocent Black Kids Do Not Matter

It’s time for BLM 101, Volume 7. As you know, this online class is dedicated to educating professional athletes on the real agenda and impact of the so-called Black Lives Matter movement.

Professor Whitlock makes a good-faith effort to eschew snark and ridicule. We ask that you share the link to this class with your favorite athlete and avoid making a condescending remark when you share.

Today, we’re going to take a different approach. Normally I spotlight some sort of abusive, negative interaction taken under guise of BLM. I’m not going to do that today. 

On Labor Day, I popped open my Twitter feed and noticed that two of my favorite follows, @ScoonTV and @LeonydusJohnson, had showcased innocent black kids killed by random gun violence in 2020. I first noticed Curtis Scoon retweeted the faces and short bios of the kids murdered. 

Scoon’s tweets led me to Leonydus Johnson’s Twitter page and the original thread that listed 53 black and brown children murdered in 2020. Johnson tweeted a picture and short description listing the date of the tragedies. 

Please look at this tweet thread. It’s 53 kids, age one to 12. 

How is this not the number 1 social justice story in America? Why have we accepted this carnage? These are children cut down before they have a chance to really experience life. 

The answer can’t simply be the social media trope: “Well, the killers will be investigated and prosecuted.” The people who spew that nonsense are unaware that in a lot of major cities most murders go unsolved. 

And please don’t tell me that a discussion of “black-on-black crime” is whataboutism, a distraction from police brutality or that 85 percent of white murder victims are killed by white people. 

That’s all dishonest political debate. The truth is Black Lives Matter has prioritized the lives of resisting criminal suspects over the lives of black children. 

This is insanity. Look at the faces of those kids. Their names won’t be on an NFL helmet this fall. LeBron James won’t mention them. No celebrity is going to insist that you say their names. 

You can’t raise political campaign donations mentioning the name of one-year-old Roy Norman. Al Sharpton and Ben Crump can’t hold news conferences demanding justice and dollars for six-year-old Ashlynn Luckett. 

But Jacob Blake is a hero and martyr. 

Black Lives Matter is a business strategy. It’s not a civil rights movement. Corporations are cutting checks financing racial-awareness seminars and social justice television commercials. It’s all public relations. Or it’s a tool being used by token black employees to play corporate politics. People with limited skill at their actual jobs spend their workday pretending to be race experts. They advise their white bosses and colleagues on how to play the race public-relations game.  

It’s one giant shell game. Black elites using Jacob Blake to advance their careers. No one is seeking justice, an improvement in race relations or better life opportunities for at-risk kids. 

Ask the athletes, celebrities and the black elites on your job why they don’t care about the 53 kids listed on Leonydus Johnson’s Twitter feed. Those black lives don’t matter because there’s no political or corporate advantage to caring about innocent black lives.

For past BLM 101s, just click this link.

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Amazing work Jason. I watched a bit of college football this weekend, and I was frankly depressed by all the fear mongering commercials that came on, be it the “stay home, stay safe” narrative, or the “We need to keep the race conversation going forever” version. As someone who watches very little live or commercial television I’ve not seen any of these ads before, and its now obvious what most of America has been seeing all these months. As you say, someone is paying big dollars to produce and promote these agendas on Television.

    Also got me thinking about something a good writer once said about Ali and Jordan, Ali made us color conscious (at a time when that was a necessary and positive thing), and then Jordan made us color blind. Sad to say Lebron is now making us color conscious at a time when that is a negative and unnecessary thing. Someone is obviously benefiting from it, as the great Lester Freeman suggests “follow the money”. Soros, Bezos, the Clinton’s, the Obamas, the Bidens… people are getting rich from the false narrative.

  2. Everyone on this platform needs to share this stuff, reading it is nauseating but necessary. I hope some over paid child with their unearned, faux wisdom (athlete) sees this and has the balls to put one of these names on a jersey or helmet. Maybe then I’ll watch again.

  3. There are very few untainted voices left in this world. Thank you for having the courage to be honest with yourself and others. You are speaking truth to power and in doing so fighting a battle against economic, religious and political powers. I know this is a heavy burden and I will be praying for you.

  4. The minds of black people who support BLM are poisoned by BLM. It’s sad, but they’re sheeple being told about something they’re supposed to care about, fake police brutality, and they do so without any of their own priorities or common sense. All the while the Marxist lesbians that run BLM are working to slowly but surely sever blacks from their Christian faith.

    • Ranger, I like your analogy to Jim Jones. Human nature to “follow” and “belong” creeps the hell out of me. Turning on the television, we see “followers” of BLM crying over deaths of criminals, lying about details, manipulating data, editing videos, all while ignoring deaths of children. I also agree that ignorance is a pandemic, along with “cowardice 2020” as Whitlock says……….But I know we can win this culture war if we keep passing along Whitlock’s BLM101 (and doing so without snark as he says).

  5. Stories like Jacob Blake’s get elevated to the spotlight because they are inherently two-sided. They split the opinion of the population roughly 50-50. This makes the story more interesting and gives media companies better ratings. Stories about children getting shot by random gun violence are inherently one-sided. Just about everyone would agree it’s a tragedy that shouldn’t happen, but as a result the story is less interesting and doesn’t get elevated to national attention. Unfortunately, as a result of this system, public perception of the biggest problems in this country are greatly biased towards controversial issues and we get more divided as a nation. The solution is to educate children at a young age to recognize anecdotal evidence and to seek more reliable forms of evidence, i.e. data, when making decisions.

    • Professional athletes are now amplifying this trend by speaking out on the controversial stories. By doing so they are making the division in our country worse. This is because they only pay attention to the stories that rise to national prominence. No one can blame a professional athlete for not being aware of the lightly reported stories, such as children being killed by random gun violence. That’s not their job. Professional athletes should either stay out of politics or, if they insist on getting involved in social change, do their homework and find out the issues that really matter and ways they can make a difference.

    • This is a good point. At the end of the day money will win out over politics with the media. They all secretly hope Trump wins because as poor as their ratings are overall, we remember how even worse they were when the less interesting Obama was president.

    • Isaac, I like your point about educating children to recognize “anecdotes”. If only we as Americans didn’t let “anecdotes” distort our thinking. Everyday, race-baiters like Shannon Sharpton search out the worst interaction they can find between a white police officer and black citizen. They then also seek out video of law enforcement “going easy” on a white criminal. They then put these videos side by side, as if this “anecdote” describes all of America (never mind that they could just as easily do the opposite, especially since more whites are killed by police each year).

  6. Normally I would have been zoned in on football all day Saturday, like most of the A+ students of this course, but instead, I clicked over to ESPN out of curiosity during the SMU-TSU game. I didn’t hear raucous fans, but was subjected to an announcer telling me that any person who believes Black Lives Matter is anything other than a movement to improve black lives is wrong. So much for football. I don’t know who the announcer was, but because my favorite athlete is Kirk Cousins and he is an intelligent human, capable of critical thinking skills, I think I will try to figure out who that woke play-by-play guy was and enlighten him on the play-by-play of black lives that have been lost highlighted in this article. Thank you for the fine work, Jason.

    • I did the same. Turned the game on and saw heard the same. Kirk Herbstreit had some gosh awful fake tear event happen too. Embarrassing groveling on live tv.

      I love football but due to the BIGs decision (Buckeye fan) and the NFLs two anthem BS, I’ll be limiting my viewing.

      I love my Browns but will stop watching if the announcers shove SJW BS down my throat or COVID you better comply messages. In addition, we are not turning on the games until we k ow the anthem BS is over.

  7. The astonishing number of black children murdered in 2020 is beyond tragic and there is only silence from BLM. If the story doesn’t fit their desired narrative it interferes with the main agenda…$$$. The Jacob Blake shooting was a prime example. BLM had no interest in the underlying facts of the case. Blake had been accused of sexual assault, criminal trespass, and vehicle theft. He resisted arrest and allegedly had a knife. The underlying facts didn’t matter to BLM or “the woke”. The original short clip visual of Blake being shot was all that mattered.

  8. Jason, you are a brave man to speak such truths. How is it that most can ignore these facts: resisting felons vs kids is really marketable death vs no market? And the Media, “Press”, “Activist” athletes, and latte liberals play along.

  9. Great piece Jason of course blm don’t care about black children and it’s very sad that many of these black children grow up with no father in the home and all this violence just outside their door. Chitown is a prime example the murders of black on black people been going on for years yet nothing seems to be done you hardly hear about it. And this with a town with black mayor and black police chief and many council members black yet nothing ever gets better very sad situation for those people.

  10. This is no snark it’s the unfortunately it’s the truth more black babies are aborted then blacks that die naturally along with those along being killed by black in black crime. This is voter suppression at the highest level killing or young and our future. This NBA campaign about voting and less then 20 percent of them have voted is hypocritical. Especially when they favor the democrats and these are the elected officials where black men resisting arrest being killed in cities led by black and white Democratic mayors appointment of democratic police chiefs with no law in order looting and robbing in these cities. It’s embarrassing as a proud son of American slaves to see the ignorance and the foolishness of this generation and the parents that gave birth to this generation to allow this. However Jesus is raising up a new generation and I just hope and pray some of this one turn and repent. There still hope.

  11. Put the names of the black children (murdered by violence – guns or aborted) on the back of jerseys. Go to bed at night be it the media or the great sage LeBron and know you made the world a better place by speaking of the young lives lost. F the criminals who most had a chance to survive but took the route of taking on the cops by not following instructions. When you purposely glorify people you wouldn’t want anywhere near those you love and cherish you are doing a great disservice. LeBron please use your platform (along with bubble is there a word I could do without more?). You will never be loved if you only celebrate and glorify the criminal element among us.

  12. Hey Naomi Osaka! Instead of masks with Trayvon Martin and Arbery on your face, how about a mask with Secoriea Turner’s or many black children killed daily on our streets. Also, a name of a Leo killed in the line of duty. Thank you Tyler Eifert for putting officer Dorn”s name on your helmet. Kudos Tyler!👍👍.

  13. This is simply heartbreaking. I am familiar with one of these cases which happened nearby. Quickly out of the news and forgotten except by those directly affected. It makes you look at yourself and ask about your own priorities.

  14. Thank you so much Mr. Whitlock. This brought a an even deeper perspective to the evil that is BLM. It is almost like the Nazi’s funding n organization called “Jews are people too”. More and more, I think BLM is perhaps devious in their seduction of black Americans by promoting hopelessness and their ideology as the only way to ever bring hope.

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