BLM 101: Netflix Doc ‘The Social Dilemma’ Might Cure Athletes Of Their Fake News Addiction

We have our first homework assignment for BLM 101, the online class educating athletes on the destructive impact and true agenda of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Everyone needs to watch “The Social Dilemma,” the 90-minute Netflix documentary that explains how Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and pretty much all the social media companies are being used to create the polarization and division destroying America.

The words “black lives matter” are never spoken in the doc. But any smart viewer will make the connection between BLM and the manipulation discussed in the documentary, which features about a dozen former high-end Big Tech developers, engineers and executives. 

The point of the documentary is that social media, particularly Facebook, Twitter and Google, are chasing profits by assaulting democracy and truth on a global scale. The apps are rigged to influence users’ behavior and worldview. 

“We’ve put deceit and sneakiness at the absolute center of everything we do,” said Jaron Lanier, the founding father of Virtual Reality. 

“We’ve moved away from having a tools-based technology environment to  an addiction and manipulation-based technology environment,” said Tristan Harris, the former Design Ethicist for Google.

Another critic in the documentary summarized social media this way: “It biases toward false information. Not because we want to, but because false information makes the companies more money than the truth. The truth is boring. It’s disinformation for profit.”

“The Social Dilemma” primarily addressed misinformation spread about COVID-19. I kept waiting for the doc to mention BLM. It alluded to the violent unrest sweeping America with visuals of protests, police confrontations with protestors and scenes of rioting. 

But I understand why director Jeff Orlowski didn’t explicitly address BLM. 1) The doc aired on one of the primary promoters of the BLM narrative, Netflix, which has produced a boatload of films stirring black-white racial division. 2) A discussion of BLM would’ve overshadowed any other point Orlowski was trying to make with his film. 3) Orlowski would be branded as racist. 

So viewers have to fill in the BLM blanks by themselves. You don’t need to be very smart to do so. 

There’s no greater example of social media’s destructive impact than the Black Lives Matter narrative. Twitter has allowed Shaun King to pass himself off as a black man and racial justice leader for nearly a decade. 

Twitter has convinced LeBron James that a dozen or so violent encounters between white police officers/white people and black men is proof that black men are hunted every day. Social media’s rigged algorithms prevent James from seeing or comprehending that every year more black men kill white men than the reverse. 

“The Social Dilemma” artfully explains the echo chambers of misinformation users are prompted to build and how likes, retweets and followers convince users of truths that are actually lies. 

James’ tweet stating that black men are “literally hunted EVERYDAY/EVERYTIME we step foot outside the comfort of our homes!” has received 368,000 likes and 120,000 retweets. 

Why wouldn’t James believe he stated an undeniable truth?

He’s addicted to social media. “The Social Dilemma” points out that there are two groups of “users” — drug users and social media users. 

We need a Social Media War more than we need a Drug War. The Silicon Valley cartels are destroying democracy and America. 

There is no pandemic of law enforcement killing black men. Social media created the “black, unarmed man” false reality. It’s nearly impossible to be killed by law enforcement. Social media replaced facts, research and data with anecdotes. Facts, research and data prove beyond a reasonable doubt that what happened to Tamir Rice was a tragic accident, not proof of a diabolical genocide.

The crackheads of Social Media reside in the mainstream media. Don Lemon and Jemele Hill are Bubbles, the fictional heroin addict on The Wire. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey are Avon Barksdale and Marlo Stanfield, the kingpins of Fake News dope. LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick are Bodie and Poot, street soldiers selling BLM on NBA and NFL corners.

Watch “The Social Dilemma.” The analogies will all make sense. Share the link to this session of BLM 101 with your favorite athlete, and ask him or her to watch “Social Dilemma.”

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Watched it the other night. While not surprising, the depths were eye opening, left my wife scared and in tears. The really scary part was when the designers/ dealers themselves admitted they were using just as bad as everyone else, still couldn’t stop. Even though I dumped all social media platforms several years ago cold turkey, I’m still staring at that phone. Great article JW, keep preaching.

  2. I’m old like Jason 1967 baby 👏🏻

    I never liked twitter, but I First starting using Facebook in 2009-2010 literally after A bunch of tragedies in my life and family in successive years including the death of two brothers and my father.

    I recall how incredible it was to find old friends and even long lost relatives and aquaintences. It was magic. Slowly over time I could see the decay in how it worked. I starting using all the platforms even tinder and tumbler and titty twister (made that up).

    Anyway in 2020 I dropped them all. 2019 taught me what Facebook and twitter and insta face are all about. And I got out.

    Like quitting drinking or smoking, you must take the leaps and drop them. Trust me.

    I feel awesome 😎

    • Agree I am slightly younger (74’) but I quit social media in 2011. I enjoyed FB for like a month to reconnect with people but even back them I really don’t care what others are doing/saying. Who gives a shit if a friend of is taking a dump it’s so fake. I have always felt that social media is so fake. I try my best not use google and use DuckDuckGo. My kids don’t even do FB they do snap which I call snapface like Bill Bellchik called it.

      Social media is the death of us and I don’t contribute. I agree with y’all to delete it and get a real life. Twitter is a complete sewer. I don’t know anyone who is active on Twitter. I know shows like Outkick use it but I still don’t have any friends that are active on Twitter but media companies make decisions based on Twitter reactions. That is just wrong because the reactions are fake or can be made by 1 person. So fake

  3. I had an Instagram account with a lot of followers. Many were close friends. I got bored and shut it down. Not ONE person asked where my feed/account went. Not one. These are the same people that liked/commented actively. My takeaway is no one is paying attention nor does anyone care beyond their own accounts. Waste of time.

    • Realest post here. I had a FB account since 2005 (when the college I attended was added to the network) and 2 years ago I decided I had enough and completely deleted it and to your point, it was met with much silence instead of “DUDE! What happened to your FB!? I can’t find it! What happened!?”

      It’s amazing that the FB episode of South Park aired in 2010 and to this day is still the most accurate description of how people base their happiness in life off of how many friends/likes/comments they get from their social media accounts.

  4. Jason,

    Have you seen the documentary “The Trayvon Hoax”? It explains a lot and shows a blatant switching of witnesses in the George Zimmerman trial by Ben Crump. It discusses the stuff you discussed here, and shows an exact example with the Trayvon Martin case. It gets discredited because the filmmaker has done some questionable docs in the past (he is on of those Obama Birth Truthers) and the Trayvon documentary gets pretty silly at times (seeing a voodoo priest, going weave shopping). But he pretty clearly uncovers some blatant judicial fraud in showing that the girl representing herself as Trayvon’s girlfriend, the one that was on the phone with him prior to the fatal encounter, is clearly not the actual girl he was talking to at the time.

  5. Solid article Jason. Social media is a cancer, and it’s only true purpose is the disruption of society. I refuse to watch or support Netflix, so I won’t be watching, but my wife and I discuss these issues on a daily basis with our 13 year old daughter, who of course can’t wait to join the chaos. Just remember all you parents out there…You’re not alone. Educating our children regarding big tech and social media platforms is imperative for our country to course correct, and it can happen, but it starts in the home, with Mom and Dad.

    • Yes. I echo what you say. It is my responsibility as a parent to educate my kids and while my daughter (not my son) uses snap I have been with her every step of the way. We talk all the time about the fake-ness and how her posts will never go away. I use examples of people which are plentiful.

      My most important job is teaching my kids especially in today’s world so much fake B.S everywhere. I echo your post.

  6. My Naked Lunch moment came when I realized I was planning my free days around what would look cool on facebook, rather than just enjoying my life. I quit facebook more than 5 years ago and have never looked back. Stay away from all of them.

    • Im in my 40’s and I’ve never had any social media. Only people I care to keep in contact with are on my text threads and they are people I talk to on a regular basis and who’s company I enjoy. Everyone else doesn’t and shouldn’t count. Another great article I’m forwarding to my text threads J Dub…

  7. My wife has watched the documentary and I haven’t yet. Outkick is currently my only social media. I dropped everything else back in March because it was literally getting on my nerves. One of the best things I’ve ever done. I have a close friend who is fighting a social media and video game addiction. I’ve heard many people downplay the issue. Their not living in reality.

  8. I hope Jason’s BLM 101 is actually reaching athletes. He’s writing some important stuff. I really think many of these athletes (I realize it’s not only athletes but because Jason’s intended target is athletes and that’s where my interest lies I‘m staying in that world) are in the throws of addiction much like a drug user and they need help. The analogies to The Wire are spot on. Keep fighting the good fight!

  9. Thanks for the overview of the show Jason. I’m surprised Netflix would air something going at those behemoths. Unfortunately, I had to break up with Netflix due their unabashed pushing of the Cuties child porn trash. I felt dirty giving them my money after that and had to break it off.

  10. “The whole aim of practical politics [and social media & MSM] is to keep the populace alarmed – and thus clamorous to be led to safety – by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary”. – H L Mencken .

  11. Everyone should watch the Social Dilemma. It is scary how much Facebook, Google/YouTube and Twitter manipulate people. It’s addictive by design and is ruining an entire generation. The most telling part was these ex executives and designers admitting they don’t now or won’t in the future let their own kids use social media.
    The other very scary answer was to the question, How do you think this ends? Answer- Civil War.

  12. Jason, I canceled netflix because some of their programming went too far left for me. I didn’t want to give them any of my money.However, I will try to sign up again just to watch this documentary. And thank you for another great BLM101 lesson. Keep them coming!

    Also, I agree with what you mentioned about Lebron James, “why wouldn’t he believe he stated an undeniable truth”. I think that Lebron, and others who never developed their intellect, absolutely believe something is true just because Jack Dorsey’s algorithm gives them 368,000 likes (and I am convinced that not only is twitter filled with fake accounts and “bots”, but also that most of the time Dorsey’s algorithm doesn’t even need the “bots” to like tweets. Dorsey’s algorithm just makes up the number of likes and retweets from thin air)

  13. Awesome work Jason. The greatest lie the devil ever portrayed to humanity is that he does not exist. Truth is , he does exist and it is in social media! Usual Suspects twist. People have got to do more homework and stop being lazy suckers.

  14. Just watched “The Social Dilemma” per your request Jason. I’ve been a faithful follower of yours from back when you were still at ESPN. I got off Facebook about a year ago. My longtime girl friend watched with me tonight and then volunteered she will shutdown Facebook from her own volition. I never thought I would see that. Looking forward to more homework assignments. Really enjoying your “Fearless videos on YouTube. The partnership you formed with Clay is entertaining and meaningful. I appreciate you and Clay.

  15. Jason, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson should have referred to YOU as “badass”, instead of Kamala Harris.

    One enlightening Facebook site is of CharlieBo313, a black gentleman from Detroit who drives around Detroit and inner cities all over the country. It shows what black & white liberal policies have done to the cities, mostly without Charlie even needing to utter a word…the scenes say it all. Occasionally he talks with some of the young black men who live in the areas. Pretty much a live version of Google Street view in the ghetto. Not ghetto porn…just REAL.

  16. I worked in Silicon Valley and the motto “we want to change the world” is a cover up for “we want to IPO and get rich”. IT’s an extremely materialistic environment. They don’t give a rat’s ass about society and democracy.

  17. I’ve watched the doc, and considering the fact that it’s basically coming from white democrats – and I think one man of Indian descent – it’s a surprisingly good presentation about the dangers of social media. On that front, yes, very well communicated.
    While they were at it, they clearly avoided the subject of RELENTLESS CONSERVATIVE / CRITICAL THOUGHT CENSORSHIP, and also spent a curious amount of time ‘debunking’ pizzagate. Whether you believe it’s real or not, there’s plenty of reasons for further investigation, as well as for many other topics and thinkers…

  18. Great article, Jason. I got onto Facebook because of my children’s nagging about 10 years ago. They ultimately stopped using it and I realized how time it was “stealing” from me each day. I left it more than 3 years ago and never looked back. I reached out to those very few people with my contact information. About 1% actually still communicate with me still which equals the amount of peeps that were communicating with me prior to my entry to faceplant. The movie was both unnerving and a form of release. We have been warned. Spread the word, good people.

  19. Morpheus Whitlock! Thank you for bringing to light how the mindless masses are being manipulated by Big tech. I too have backed away from social media. Spreading lies and disinformation is flat out wrong. At least back in the 60″s MLK and Malcom X, fought the cause with a mind/intellect and a heart. Today it is just ignorant people like the NBA, that are mindless, immature and cannot understand that TRUTH and FACTS are real……..The greater problem is when people lie and are emotional they begin to create their own reality. They lie so much they begin to think their reality is truth.

    Thank you Outkick! Best content and entertainment on the net right now! Clay is “Thunder” and Whitlock is “lightning”. Keep bringing the heat!

  20. Another excellent, thought provoking article. Hopefully the target audiences will take the time to read and absorb.

    Some lighthearted opposition to “The Wire” analogy:
    1. To compare Bubbles to Don Lemon does a disservice to Bubbles: he’s self-deprecating, insightful, savvy, kind-hearted, and is ultimately redeemed. Not the typical attributes of a self-proclaimed dope fiend.

    2. As ruthless as they are, Avon and Marlo have a code…eg. “No shooting on Church Day.” Zuckerberg or Dorsey would be more akin to Prop Joe or Stringer: for them nothing is sacred.

    3. Bodie and Poot were never all that arrogant or self-righteous, nor did they believe that they were kings or spokesmen like LeBron or Kap. (However Poot DID end up selling Nikes also…although only at a Foot Locker.)

  21. Agree>. Got off of FB over a month ago and never felt better. I’m on IG now and like to look at guitars and puppies. So much joy in my life now. Get off FB and Twit.. It’s a hard habit to kick. They want it to be hard. You can do it. Play a game instead. You’ll be glad you did.

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