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BLM 101: Black Athletes’ Pivot To Black Rappers Normalizes Rebellion, Anarchy And Cultural Rot

Welcome to BLM 101, Volume 10, the online class dedicated to educating athletes on the real agenda and impact of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Today I’m going to explain the negative ramifications of black athletes morphing into black rappers. 

Let’s move to Philadelphia, where BLM and Antifa protesters have rioted, looted and vandalized on consecutive nights in the aftermath of two Philly police officers shooting and killing an armed criminal suspect. 

The BLM movement has normalized rioting, looting and anarchy as the natural reaction whenever a white police officer is involved in shooting a black criminal suspect. The behavior, character and criminal record of the suspect are irrelevant. 

Walter Wallace Jr., the 27-year-old victim, was bipolar, an aspiring rapper, a father of seven, recently married to one of his baby mamas and someone with a substantial criminal history.

In March, he was arrested for threatening to kill the mother of one of his kids, telling her he’d shoot her and the whole house up. In 2019, police arrested him for kicking the windows and door panels of a police car. According to court records, while executing a robbery in 2016, he grabbed a woman by the neck and held a gun to her head. In 2013, according to court records, he punched his mother in the face and threatened to kill her. 

For much of the last decade, Walter Wallace Jr., has been flirting with a violent confrontation with police. It happened Monday afternoon when he walked toward police and repeatedly refused to drop a knife.

LeBron James, Colin Kaepernick, the NFL, the NBA, BLM organizers and other celebrity influencers have normalized non-compliance with police instructions. They have made heroes of Jacob Blake, George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner and other black criminal suspects who have disobeyed police instructions and been injured or killed in the process. 

Yes, I include Breonna Taylor on this list because her boyfriend admitted shooting a police officer before Louisville police opened fire inside her apartment. 

I have sympathy for Blake, Floyd, Brooks, Taylor, Garner and even Walter Wallace Jr. However, I do not exonerate and excuse the behavior that led to their encounter with police turning violent and deadly. 

And I certainly don’t excuse the cheerleaders in the sports and entertainment worlds who are normalizing the non-compliant behavior. Over the weekend, the rapper Offset live streamed himself bickering with police officers who were attempting to arrest the rapper’s cousin for waving a gun at a Trump rally. 

It’s not unusual for musicians to have an adversarial relationship with law enforcement. Music is rebellious, anti-establishment and counter cultural. Musicians promote drug use, sexual promiscuity and other forms of immorality.

The marriage of sports, particularly football and basketball, to commercial hip hop has dramatically changed how black athletes use their influence. 

LeBron James is Jay-Z, not Muhammad Ali. 

Colin Kaepernick is Vanilla Ice, not Arthur Ashe.

James and Kaepernick have led black athletes and their respective sports leagues down the path of rap and rock-n-roll. Athletes are rebellious and immoral. They influence their fans to adopt dangerous behavior. They align themselves with criminality and criminals. 

They’re rappers. 

During the looting and rioting Tuesday night in Philadelphia, a 15-year-old girl was shot and hospitalized. 

No one cares. Not one NFL player will put the girl’s name on the back of his helmet this weekend. She will be no different from the countless black children shot and/or killed across American inner cities because of gang violence. She’ll be no different from the woman Walter Wallace Jr., held at gunpoint or the pregnant woman George Floyd held with a gun at her belly. 

Professional athletes have turned resisting criminals into cultural icons. 

It’s the Rap Effect. 

I admit I’m a fan of rapper Tupac Shakur’s music. I listen to it when I work out. It gets me pumped. But I’m uncomfortable with the hero worship of Tupac. He was convicted of sexual assault. He assaulted a man in the hours before his assassination. He provoked his untimely death. He promoted a lifestyle — “thuglife” — that leads to early death. He’s not a hero. He’s not someone whose life should be studied on college campuses.

We have mainstreamed the celebration of immorality. Athletes used to be symbols of hard work, the benefit of strong values and the power of unity across racial, political, religious and economic differences. Now they’re rappers. They’re wannabe Tupacs. 

They’ve contributed to a culture of lawlessness that has America on the brink of total anarchy. Philadelphia is just the latest example. 

We’ll tear the country down over Walter Wallace Jr., and ignore the thousands of children destroyed by men who behave as irresponsibly as Walter Wallace Jr.

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. I think Jason eludes to it a lot…but modern day athletes are certainly more emasculated during these times than in previous generations. And if a man grows up without a father or a weak father…quite often his first response to any authority like the police is to rebel from it.

    Then you get more examples of ‘toxic masculinity’ such as having several kids outside of wedlock or threatening to beat and kill those baby mommas. The kids always suffer the most.

  2. Bang on again Jason. BLM 101 really should be part of the education curriculum in America. Young people today are being lied to and manipulated by these rich, privileged and woke athletes who are more worried about the social media accounts( like, retweets, etc.) then about being people kids should look up to and aspire to be. The next generations will be the ones who suffer the most. What happen to the days when you watched sports to escape all this bullshit?

    • I agree, Athletes (especially Lebron and NBA players) absolutely care more about social media approval than they do about setting a good example for kids. Do they care that the defund police movement they promoted has led to an increase in homicides in Minnesota? Nope, they don’t. Do they care that when they promote resisting of arrest it just leads to more violent behavior by criminals(exactly like this case in Philly with a guy coming after police with a knife)? Nope, they don’t…..I guarantee that Jalen Rose is still lying about the Breonna Taylor details. I guarantee Popovich is still promoting the “hands up don’t shoot” myth ………..Like so many others have said, I wish we could “defund” the NBA

    • Good point, I wish BLM 101 was part of the educational curriculum. It’s not just that athletes are turning resisting criminals into cultural icons, which then leads to even more violence. It’s also that the crimanal$ Ju$tice movement is quite lucrative for all involved. Ben Crump, the lawyer who spreads lies about police shootings and who misquote statistics has made a fortune. CNN and Rachel Maddow get huge ratings from race baiting. (Whitlock has mentioned this kind of stuff in other lessons)The democratic party is using race baiting to try to win an election. So yeah, I also think that BLM 101 should be part of educational curriculum.

    • Probably because they’d get targeted. Nobody keeps black men down more than other than black men – not even white leftists are as effective as them at preventing the advancement of blacks. In rap music you don’t hear a lot of rage towards whitey. You don’t even hear that much about police – not in comparison to the amount of rage you hear towards other black men – referred to by a word I will not type here. In a culture that seeks to bring down and kill blacks who achieve or try to achieve success, a rich athlete is just plain not safe.

  3. Jason BLM101 is great .Let get to the truth white left’s with millions and back marxist with the help of the NBA NFL and the news media have launch this propaganda on America that police are randomly killing backs for political reasons . The looting the burning the diminishing the police present in black community just means more black woman children and man will die

    IF YOU THINK Electing Biden is going to stop this behavior no way

  4. When Barack Obama referred to Jay-Z as a “great American” in campaign ads in my home state of Nevada during the 2016 election I recognized the huge sellout that Barry was. Jay-Z lyrics aren’t fit to print and here the president of our country was telling me how great this pornographer, blatant racist, and wannabe criminal was. Great at making money, sure-but not even a decent person. That’s the DNC for you. Exploitation and greed while riding atop their high moral horses.

  5. Jason, great analysis on the times we’re in (especially those since Floyd’s death). I was watching Fox last night while they were showing several stores being looted. One dude was even rolling out a washing machine (or dryer) on a hand dolly. Blew my mind.

  6. All of this violence and the BurnLootMurder crowd are the legacy of the hate spewing racist inept corrupt beta male DictatorO. This is the vision of the terrorist cult known as the DemocRat party’s destruction of American Society.
    The fake prostesting communist cowards Krappernick and DramaQueen James are the face of this downward spiral.

  7. Comply and LIVE…It applies to EVERYONE.
    MOST people with common sense, Comply with law enforcement officer’s instructions. They are Alive.
    If you don’t comply, you will put yourself in a world of Sh*t.
    If you brandish a weapon after repeated commands to drop it, You will probably die. It’s a pretty easy decision for MOST People.

  8. The thumbnail on this article was telling: a kid flipping off a police officer but making sure he took a picture of it while he did it. This way, he can get twitter cred later. So fake. Creating animosity and distrust in society for social media likes is pretty low.

  9. Jason please keep going on this, you are one of the few fearless truth tellers willing to call out the insanity of this Marxist movement: jealousy, envy and anger fuel Burning Looting and Murder of citizens and police. Your writing on this is top in our country. Jason Riley in WSJ also had a great history lesson today on the fruits of the dem ideology. We desperately need people to wake up.

  10. This is one more thoughtful article that reinforces my choice to be a VIP. Mr Whitlock’s words are important and need to be supported, heard, and shared. It’s clear to me that without his own forum, the corporate media and tech giants would make sure to silence him.

  11. Walt Wallace pretty much obliterated Dennis Prager’s simple rules for living, minimally, a modest, productive life.

    graduate high school

    get a job

    get married

    don’t have kids out of wedlock

    oh, and don’t commit mayhem over and over again and then charge at two cops with a knife after being repeatedly told to put that weapon down.

  12. 99.9999% of the people looting could care less about anyone being killed and hope they get another excuse, as it creates another opportunity to get expensive stuff free. Without tough laws, these animals will loot and kill.

  13. One of the most articulate and important voices on black culture in America today

    White people will not fix these cultural problems, it has to come from within the community…. from voices like yours-

  14. Jason another brilliantly fact based piece by you! Your analogy of athletes wanting to be rappers is so spot on! I would point out though that rapper athletes are killing their individual sports because Americans like me are turning off the NBA, NFL, ESPN because I don’t tune into to hear millionaire social just Warriors bad mouthing America that gave them the opportunity to sit on the thrones that society has placed them on. Rappers hve influence over their particular followers and rise or fall with them. Individual rapper athletes are destroying their leagues. Look forward to Manu more from Outkick. Became a VIP last night after watching your post President Trump monologue; you kept it real and spoke from the heart with passion and conviction. Don’t ever change! God bless!

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