MMA Fighter Suffers Horrifying Broken Nose

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MMA fighter Blake Perry suffered a downright disgusting injury during a recent bout.

During an A1 Combat match against Marcel McCain, Perry took a knee to the nose, and the aftermath might make your stomach very weak.

Once Perry sat down to get some attention paid to his face, it was immediately clear that his nose had been changed in the worst of ways.

Check it out below, but don’t do it if you’re still hoping to have an appetite!

Folks, that’s just too brutal to deal with! There’s no question that’s among the most disgusting broken noses we’ve ever seen in combat sports.

It’s truly beyond words. If it doesn’t make you a little sick, there might be something wrong with you.

Blake Perry suffers disgusting broken nose during fight against Marcel McCain. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

I sure hope Perry has access to a great surgeon because he’s going to need it after his nose literally shifted to one side of his face.

Again, of all the broken noses we’ve ever seen, you can put this one right at the top of the list.

Best of luck in recovery! He’s going to need it!

Written by David Hookstead

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