Bizarre Video of President Biden Trying To Explain Why He Hasn’t Gone To Ohio Yet

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It’s been three weeks since a massive toxic train derailment happened in the rural town of East Palestine, Ohio.

The optics have been terrible, while the outrage has been understandable.

American’s from all over the country were sympathetic to the residents who appeared to not be getting any answers or help from pretty much anyone. Be it the EPA, the Department of Transportation, the state or even the federal government, the help has been scarce while the worry has been massive.

To make matters worst, President Biden appeared completely lost when asked by reporters if he would be traveling to Ohio to either show some support or see firsthand how the recovery efforts are going.

From a “What the hell?” to struggling to remember what a Zoom is, you can only imagine how East Palestine residents felt after they saw the leader of the country responding to their dire situation like this:

Biden has now gone from Bicycle Biden to Zoomin’ Biden. But hey, at least he’s hearing Aretha Franklin’s voice in his head.

Hey Joe, how about speaking with the East Palestine Mayor? Have you done that in the 22-days since the disaster?

Oh no.


On February 3rd, a Norfolk Southern train derailed as it released toxic chemicals and gases into the air. The train company and the EPA decided to do what was supposed to be a “controlled release” of the remaining chemicals after concerns that letting the fire burn out could cause a dangerous explosion.

So, our geniuses in charge decided to forcefully burn some of the most harmful chemicals on the planet, which resulted in this lovely image that is not terrifying whatsoever.

President Biden has faced criticism for his slow response after an Ohio train derailment released chemicals into the air. (Gene J Puskar/AP)

What’s even more absurd is that literally EVERYONE was calling for the federal government to get involved. Ya know, the same people whose literal job is to protect the American citizens. But unfortunately our leaders were nowhere to be found, as residents dealt with pets mysteriously dying, thousands of fish showing up dead, discolored water, streams and canals that had gas-like features in them, not to mention the harmful air quality conditions.

Gotta love it when the elected officials are too busy to show up. At least PRETEND to give a damn about what is going on.


In President Biden’s case, he felt it was more important to travel halfway across the world to Poland and Ukraine and pledge another $500 million in military aid to them, rather than make the short trip to Ohio. The EPA is telling residents to drink and use bottled water – many of them having to pay for it out of their own pockets. I’m sure that $500 million could have helped just a little bit for them.

East Palestine, Ohio Mayor Trent Conoway was not impressed with Biden’s trip.


However, it wasn’t just the President that people were wondering about. Day in and day out Americans were asking where Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg was.

Well, “Mayor Pete” finally arrived… 20 days later. Yesterday he even shockingly admitted that he should have responded sooner. But you need to understand that he was busy. He had to make jokes at the National Association of Counties Conference of course!

In the immediate days after the derailment, many Americans and the residents that were directly affected just wanted help, advice and answers on what to do. They didn’t care about party lines, they wanted to know if they were going to get sick from the EPA telling them to return to their homes (perhaps too early?) just a few days after the release of the chemicals.


Perhaps a bigger issue is just how screwed we are when our federal agencies can’t figure out what to do.

Americans simply do not trust the federal government and its entities, and the agencies only have themselves to blame. Be it the CDC constantly moving the goalposts throughout the pandemic, only to then be found that they were at the very least stretching the truth on some matters, if not lying altogether.

To the EPA being the same agency that told 9-11 survivors and First Responders that the air quality was safe in the immediate aftermath of the World Trade Center attacks. Now tens of thousands of people have died from cancer or are suffering long term health issues because the agency lied.

The reason politics is now being invoked in the Ohio train derailment is because if someone like me can understand the justified hesitancy and reluctance many people are feeling during these times, then why can’t our elected leaders?

I mean hell, even high school athletes don’t want to travel to the town.

It would have been so simple for the President to show up to Ohio. To pretend to care or at least show solidarity with the people.

Optics are everything during strenuous times. Unfortunately, the federal government, Pete Buttigieg and President Biden failed the optics test.

Instead of “Who’s Zoomin Who?” it should be “Who’s Screwing Who?”

The answer is simple. The people are.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

Mike “Gunz” Gunzelman has been involved in the sports and media industry for over a decade. He’s also a risk taker - the first time he ever had sushi was from a Duane Reade in Penn Station in NYC.


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