USFL Champs Celebrate With 40s Of Miller High Life

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The Birmingham Stallions might be the first pro sports team in history to celebrate a championship with 40s.

The Stallions beat the Pittsburgh Maulers 28-12 over the weekend to win back-to-back USFL titles, but the team didn’t reach for expensive bottles of champagne.

Not at all. Instead, the team opted to celebrate its second straight championship with 40s of Miller High Life. In a way, it kind of makes sense seeing as how High Life is the “champagne of beers.”

Birmingham Stallions celebrate second consecutive championship with Miller High Life.

While many might prefer champagne over High Life, there’s also a lot of fans out there who probably respect the hell out of this movie.

The USFL is a gritty league. It’s a working man league. Players in it are hoping to make an impression so they can get a shot at getting to the NFL.

Birmingham Stallions players celebrated winning the USFL championship with Miller High Life 40s. It was a pretty epic move. (Photo by Jason Miller/USFL/Getty Images for USFL)

It’s not the glitz or glamour of the NFL, but it’s still pro football. Celebrating with Miller High Life is very on brand.

It’s a working class beer for a blue-collar league. Plus, does anyone actually like champagne more than beer? I don’t think so.

Miller High Life was the drink of choice for the Birmingham Stallions after winning the USFL championship. (Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Will more teams follow what the Stallions did and start spraying 40s of beer over pricey bottles of champagne?

We’ll see, but it definitely saves money and is way cooler. There’s no doubt about that at all.

Congrats to the Stallions for winning two straight titles and celebrating in unique fashion. Never thought I’d see the day when a pro team celebrated with 40s, but here we are. Definitely don’t hate it!

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