Bird Poops On Viktor Hovland During His Pre-Shot Routine At The Open: Video

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The opening round of The Open at Royal Liverpool on Thursday had a little bit of everything. Mostly-unknown amateur Christo Lamprecht out of South Africa is tied for the lead at 5-under, Collin Morikawa made a birdie while jumping over Phil Mickelson’s golf ball, and Viktor Hovland got pooped on by a bird.

See, links golf is the best.

Thankfully, Hovland was part of a featured group on Thursday and had cameras following him every step of the way during his first round.

What makes the moment that much funnier is that the bird decided to do its business right over the top of Hovland just before he was about to take the club back as if it knew it was messing with the Norwegian.

Hovland reacted to the moment in the only way possible: stepping off the shot before saying: “I just got shat on” with a huge smile on his face.

“A bird just dropped something on Viktor Hovland” is also a great line from the announcer.

As for the age-old saying ‘getting pooped on by a bird is good luck,’ I’m from a small town in Tennessee so I actually believe it, at least in the literal sense.

Just think of the sheer number of places in time a bird has the option to do a little dropping, and it just so happens to choose doing so on top of you at that exact moment in time. That, indeed, is lucky.

Okay, maybe not lucky, but extremely rare.

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Written by Mark Harris

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