Biological Male Propels Girls Track Team To First Place Finish

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A biological male teenager in Seattle recently helped a high school girls track team qualify for the Washington state championships.

The athlete previously competed on the boys track team in 2021 before switching sides as a sophomore in 2022.

Unsurprisingly, the results were much better on the new team.

“Libs of Tik Tok” reported on the vast difference in rankings between events.

Editor’s note: We are omitting the name of the athlete because they are a minor. We will be referring to them as Athlete in the rest of this story, including the quotes.

“During freshman year, Athlete competed as a boy and finished 72nd in the League finals. Now, as a sophomore competing as a girl, Athlete broke Seattle Academy’s school record in the girls’ 5000-meter category and ranks 1st in League. Athlete’s time in the 5000-meter would rank him 48th if he had competed in the boys’ division.  Earlier this semester, Athlete took 2nd at Districts, qualifying Seattle Academy for the State championship. “

The Athlete also ran the same event in 2021 on the boys team and 2022 on the girls team.

The results page on tracked the Nike Twilight XC Invitational, which showed a dramatic increase from year to year.

In 2021, the athlete ran a 19:46:50, which placed 134th amongst boys. But in 2022, with a similar time of 19:43:90, the athlete placed 10th amongst girls.

Biologically male track and field athlete on girls team
Seattle Academy girls track and field team added a biologically male athelete to their team in 2022.

Unfair to Girls

The example set by other biological male athletes is that it’s easy to go from obscurity to recognition by changing genders.

Lia Thomas was an unremarkable male swimmer, who was nominated for the NCAA’s Woman of the Year Award after transitioning.


Now this athlete is following that lead.

The vast majority of Americans disapprove of allowing biological males to compete against girls. It’s obviously and inherently absurd to encourage it. Cowardly schools and administrators know this, but ignore it out of fear of political reprecussions.

It’s also dangerous.

Just recently, a girl was injured during a volleyball match when a biological male athlete spiked a ball and hit her in the head.


There are innate differences in physical composition that provide advantages for biological males. Ignoring that isn’t an enlightened, progressive choice; it’s willful disregard for reality.

But that seems to be exactly what progressives do best.

Given the obvious success and promotion of transgender athletes by schools and major media outlets, this trend will inevitably spiral.

What’s to stop any male athlete from switching teams at will? There are far more possibilities as an elite athlete in girls’ competitions. Scholarships and entry into premiere academic institutions suddenly become real options instead of pipe dreams.

Outside of a few powerless, upset parents, no one seems to care that girls are being denied those opportunities. Pleasing the transgender athlete seems to be the highest priority instead of competitive fairness.

Welcome to the absurdity of modern activism.

The Washington Interscholastic Athletics Association released a statement to Fox News that defended their “gender identity” practices.

“WIAA Gender Identity eligibility rules, which have been in place for more than 13 years, follow Washington state non-discrimination laws which protects full access to athletic activities for students,” the statement read.

“Federal law under Title IX also requires equal treatment for all participants, regardless of gender identity. Additionally, these policies reflect the core value of the Association to maximize participation in education-based athletics, which provide the safest and most meaningful opportunities for students to engage with and represent their school.

“The full WIAA policies are outlined in 18.6.0 of the handbook. Because athlete eligibility is determined at the school level, the WIAA created a Gender-Diversity Toolkit to both educate and support local administrators and communities through the eligibility process. The toolkit was created with the help and support of professional sports teams in Washington state and has since been recognized and utilized by sport organizations around the country.

“The role of the WIAA is to support all member schools as well as all student-athletes that represent them and the Association will continue to do so.”

Written by Ian Miller

Ian Miller is a former award watching high school actor, author, and long suffering Dodgers fan. He spends most of his time golfing, traveling, reading about World War I history, and trying to get the remote back from his dog. Follow him on Twitter @ianmSC


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  1. Hey if the parents and students don’t stand up for their rights. Particularly the parents. Then it is what it is. They should all demand this cease, and boycott until it does. At the very least the opposing team should do that. Until enough people take a stand against this, it will continue. In 10 years biological males will dominates ALL of female sports!

  2. Can we stop using the term “biological” male/female? That’s the liberals’ way of insinuating that there is more than one type of male or more than one type of female. There is not. It’s just male or female.

  3. What we need is some tiny school in the NCAA to suit up 10 boys on their women’s basketball team. After they beat South Carolina by 50 to win the National Championship, there might be some kind of a desire to correct this nonsense.

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