Bills Will Coast Against Vikings

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Vikings vs. Bills, 1 ET

YOU LIKE THAT! I’ve seen far too many videos of Kirk Cousins dripped out in ice and no shirt this week, but hell, at 7-1 you need to celebrate a little bit, right? I’m sure in the coming weeks, barring injury, they will lock up the division. The Bills have their sights on something even higher and even though they took a bad loss last week, they still are one of the top teams in football.

The Vikings come into the game winners of six straight games with a couple of decent opponents. They did run into a bit of luck here though. Looking at just their past five games, they beat a bad Commanders team on the road in a close game. They outlasted Arizona that was reintroducing DeAndre Hopkins into the fold at home. They beat the Dolphins in a game that was started by Teddy Bridgewater. They beat the Bears at home in a game that they basically stopped playing after the first half. They also were able to take down the Vikings on the road in a game that saw Andy Dalton take the first start of the season for him. All of that is to say they haven’t played anyone with the caliber of a Bills team… especially a pissed off Bills team.

The Bills are the favorite for the Super Bowl but they’ve had some clunker of games. The Jets aren’t that bad this season, in fact you could call them a good football team. They were able to take the Bills down last week and Josh Allen didn’t really look like himself in the game. He had two touchdowns, but both were on the ground and he threw two interceptions. The defense still showed up in the game, but the offense really couldn’t muster much. I expect that to be the biggest difference in this game. The Vikings are allowing 275 yards through the air per game. I wouldn’t be surprised if Stefon Diggs goes off in this one.

I’m taking the Bills to win and cover this game by more than the 3.5. I honestly wouldn’t be shocked to see them win by a touchdown or more. There has been a lot of travel for the Vikings and they are due to lose one. I might not feel as confident if the Vikings lost and the Bills won last week, but that’s not what happened. Take the Bills.

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Written by David Troy

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