Bills Fan Watched Saturday’s Game From Igloo In His Front Yard

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First, there was the Bills Mafia helmet cave in Keswick, Ontario. Now there’s a Bills Mafia igloo cave in Ottawa, Ontario. Canadian Bills fans are proving that they’re not playing around this NFL season. The Canadians are making a huge push to show American fans they belong in the big time amongst the elite NFL superfans.

Hey Americans, the Canadians are coming on strong with their ingenuity, and you’re just sitting around taking it from these guys. Do I see Packers fans watching from an igloo? NO. Do I see a Buccaneers fan setting up a TV and bar on the beach to watch games? NO. Do I see Chiefs fans getting creative? I don’t.

The Canadians are running circles around American fans right now, and it isn’t even close. Look at this kingdom he built for himself:

Now let’s go over to the Bills Helmet Bar where they’re not pussin’ out because it’s winter. The Bills are two weeks into the playoffs, and ash trees are keeping the crew warm while they enjoy January football.

Look at this piece of art. Even if you’re not a Bills fan, stop and enjoy this scene and all it stands for. No quit. Humble. Cold, but warm. Guys being guys.

Ottawa is expecting a high of 14 for Sunday’s Bills-Chiefs game. It’ll be a little warmer – a high of 21 – in Keswick. The sun will be shining, and the Bills will play for a trip to the Super Bowl. Life is good right now for Canadian Bills fans.

Bonus: a World Juniors igloo

Written by Joe Kinsey

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