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I hear the wokesters are mad at the recent NFL coaching hires

The usual suspects are at it this week, having a woke-off over the NFL and its teams hiring too many white coaches while the rest of us are just trying to get through another week of life, another week of trying to get our kids educated, another week of keeping the electricity on.

I had to run out last night to do some errands and it was a beautiful mid-January evening. 45 degrees, howling winds. The wind blew smells of grilling meat right into the garage, and it stopped me in my tracks. It was that beautiful scent that takes you back to summer (Thursday) nights on the patio cracking Busch Lights after giving the yard its weekly haircut to get ready for the weekend.

The wokesters could’ve spent their Thursday night grilling up meats in January, sending out those nose-tickling smoke signals to their neighborhoods. The wokes could’ve cracked a couple forward-looking Busch Lights to glorious days yet to come in 2021. But no, there were miserable battles to fight to show just how woke they are 24/7/365.

Folks, let’s stop with the constant misery. Let’s grill those meats or the vegan black bean burgers, if you’re a blue checkmark wokester who hates sports. Let’s sip on those beers. Let’s sit back and enjoy another glorious Sunday of football. Pull that grill out in the driveway when it’s below freezing. Your neighbors will drive by, smile and then the smell of that filet will fill their air vents. It’ll transport them to happier times.

• It’s January 22 and the Green Bay Gazette is running an opinion piece from a doctor who’s a Packers fan who is disappointed to see people celebrating in bars. Doc, it doesn’t matter what you say at this point. We’re nearly a year into this, sir. Be disappointed all you want. People aren’t reading your opinion piece and changing their ways.

• Oh look, Apple’s changing the way you charge laptops. Thanks for constantly forcing me to buy new ways to charge a laptop.

• There’s Super Bowl attendance cap news this morning. More on that later, but Raymond James won’t look as empty as we all once thought it would. We’re getting there, people. There are sunnier days ahead. Grill those meats, crack those Busch Lights.

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