Bills Fan Has ‘Planes, Trains, And Automobiles’ Experience With Sean McDermott

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A Bills fan lived out a version of Planes, Trains, And Automobiles while traveling from Atlanta to Buffalo with the team’s head coach Sean McDermott.

Jason Guenther is a Bills fan and hockey coach and according to The Buffalo News, he was on his way home to upstate New York from Greensboro, N.C. He had a layover in Atlanta however upon arrival, he learned that his flight had been canceled because of a mechanical issue.

That’s a bummer, and Guenther was placed on standby for another flight with around 45 other frustrated passengers. One of them was none other than McDermott. He had been in Atlanta to watch his daughter play softball.

Guenther said he met McDermott at events before but their exchanges had only been brief, essentially just some words in passing. However, in Atlanta, they got to chat about how much they wanted to leave Atlanta.

That’s when they got an idea: they’d fly to Pittsburgh, then rent a car and truck it back to Buffalo.

As I said, it’s just like Planes, Trains, And Automobiles except they didn’t use a train… and neither traveler seemed annoyed by the other… and no one sold shower curtain rings– alright, it’s not much like it aside from the “plane” and “automobile” parts.

Guenther Praised The Bills Coach After Their Impromptu Road Trip

Guenther posted a photo of himself with the Bills head coach as they drove to Buffalo with McDermott’s daughter in the backseat. He then posted it to Facebook.

“Still in disbelief,” Guenther wrote. “Wow, just wow. Everything happens for a reason. Thankful and blessed.”

“I figured why not spread some positive. The world needs it.”

The ride from Pittsburgh to Buffalo is only about three hours and change. However, being in a confined space with anyone for that long can make you think a lot less of them.

That was not the case for Guenther and McDermott.

“I enjoyed the conversation we had about coaching, life and just living,” Guenther told The Buffalo News. “He’s a great person and fantastic coach. I have so much respect for him. All class.”

Fortunately, everyone made it where they needed to be safe and sound and aren’t still wandering through a Hudson News at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport while they wait to snag a standby flight.

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