Bills Fan Goes Home With Strangers After Jumping Into Bed Of The Wrong Truck

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There’s no fan base quite like Bills Mafia. They throw wild tailgates, an occasional dildo on the field, and are really generous if you help their team make it into the playoffs.

It turns out they’re also pretty generous if you end up at their house after jumping into the bed of their truck by mistake. That happened to a couple of members of Bills Mafia following Buffalo’s 34-31 win over the Dolphins on Sunday.

Bills Mafia
Bills fan rides home in the bed of a stranger’s tuck (Image Credit: bflomafiapage)

Much like the game, this entire situation could have ended in a complete disaster. It didn’t, mostly because dildo-packing Bills fans are an awesome fan base.

A couple of Bills fans, who attended the playoff game on Sunday, found a fellow fan in the bed of their truck following their hour long trip home. They heard a noise coming from the bed of the truck, pulled out a phone and started recording, then made the discovery.

A young fan had mistaken the truck for his dad’s and jumped in the bed for the ride home. He apparently slept through the ride home, only realizing his mistake when the truck stopped and the people inside of it turned out to be strangers.

So what did the three Bills fans do? They went inside and watched the end of the Giants and Vikings game while waiting for the kid’s parents to pick him up.


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You Gotta Love The Bills Mafia

One of the guys in the truck commented on the situation on Instagram. Bills fan Stevie Sercu said, “Kid was super nice, just mistaked my truck for his dads. Rode over an hour passed out in my truck bed.”

“He came inside and watched the rest of the giants game while waiting for his parents to pick him up. Honest mistake,” his comment continued.

“Best part was- after we got inside and he was settled down he goes, ‘I know ive been a nuisance with the truck bed and all but… can i borrow a charger?'”

What a story. May these three become lifelong friends who jump through tables and throw dildos on the field together until their last days. It’s all you can hope for.

Written by Sean Joseph

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