Bills Aren’t Quite Ready For Greatness, But The Chiefs Sure Are

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The Buffalo Bills had an incredible season. A 13-3 regular season record, an AFC East crown and an AFC Championship appearance are nothing to be ashamed of. But Sunday’s 38-24 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs proves they aren’t ready for the big time — at least not yet.

Josh Allen looked rattled early, and while he put up solid numbers (375 total yards, two touchdowns and one interception), he never seemed to get his footing. It wasn’t just Allen, though. This entire team looked overwhelmed after an impressive start ended in disappointment.

The offensive line could not protect Allen. The Chiefs had four sacks and a whopping 10 quarterback hits. It was evident early that the Bills’ recent offensive struggles would continue.

And their defense wasn’t any better.

They didn’t get the necessary pressure on Patrick Mahomes to affect him. They also seemed to have forgotten about Travis Kelce, the best tight end in the NFL. The three-time All-Pro was able to get open consistently, racking up 13 catches for 118 yards and two touchdowns.

With guys like Mahomes and Kelce, Kansas City is just a talented and cohesive team, especially on offense. They scored 38 points, posted 439 total yards of offense (mostly through the air) and converted 60 percent on third downs.

That is what a Super Bowl contender is supposed to look like. The Chiefs were able to remind everyone why they’re the reigning champs, and now they’ll get a chance at another year of bragging rights, this time against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV.

The Bills are moving in the right direction, but the goal for that franchise should look like what Kansas City has already built.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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      • But by now you should know that sports writers can never admit they were wrong. Brady is going to his freaking 10th Super Bowl, and you still have ‘experts’ who say he’s not the GOAT. I’m hoping someday that Mahomes will take that mantel from him, but to that’s a long way off. Right now, I just want one more game.

        GO CHIEFS!!!

    • Clay doesn’t hold that guy to any accountability, or really any of his guys. Last week Sheffield, Jr. said most of Mahomes’ picks this year (6) were simply on 3rd and Long situations … which is just hilariously false information. These guys need an editor or something …

      Burack predicted Miami to beat KC by 11 … Mahomes has never lost a pro game by more than 8. And he published that prediction. On this website.

      No checks and balances … but outside of Clay the quality of content on Outkick is no better than any other fanboy blog out there.

  1. You know, prior to Andy Reid and for at least 30 years, the goal of the Chief’s front office was to be more like the Pittsburgh Steelers organization. Well, I think the Chief’s are getting more mileage out of defining themselves.

    • Long time Steelers/Bronco fan. I did not make that connection before. Looking back I think you are absolutely correct. There is No doubt they established their own identity. Taking the points and Mahomes has over 350 passing yards in Super Bowl.

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