Bill Simmons Edits Podcast, Issues Apology For Jackie MacMullan’s Joel Embiid Impression

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Earlier this week, NBA reporter Jackie MacMullan appeared on Bill Simmons’ podcast on which she impersonated NBA star Joel Embiid. Yet Twitter found MacMullan’s impression racist. Therefore, Simmons apologized and had his team edit out the segment in an episode update.

Here is the original audio:

MacMullan had impressed Simmons before he logged onto Twitter. “That’s a good Embiid impression,” Simmons responded. However, then people got offended.

“Just a heads up Jackie MacMullan and I talked about Joel Embiid on my podcast,” Simmons said. “She did a quick impression of Joel. We realized afterwards it could be taken the wrong way. It was a little too late so as a result we uploaded an edited version as soon as we could. We apologize about that.”

But to whom is Simmons apologizing? Because Joel Embiidliked” the segment on Twitter himself. And given Embiid’s noted sense of humor, he probably found the segment funny.

So if Embiid wasn’t offended by MacMullan’s impression — and why would he be? — Simmons and The Ringer must have given in and complied to random online losers, perhaps some with blue checkmarks.


Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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